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The new broadband speeds code set by the industry regulator Ofcom for the fixed broadband providers will enable their dissatisfied customers due to slow speeds quit the contracts without any hassle. According to the new rules, customers who experience slower speeds than the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed (MGALS) promised by the providers such as… Read More »

EE, UK’s biggest 4G mobile broadband operator, which gives access to superfast mobile internet speeds to nearly 90% of the population, has just revealed in its latest report that 4G usage has increased by up to 60% among rural users due to its growing 4G network coverage. According to EE’s Chief Executive, Olaf Swantee, the… Read More »

Over-all customer satisfaction levels with communications services like home phone, broadband and pay TV saw an increase in 2014 as against the previous year, reports the telecom regulator Ofcom in its annual report. However, mobile service satisfaction has slightly declined especially due to the below-average performance by EE, Three and Vodafone. Pay TV in UK… Read More »

Vodafone 4G mobile broadband (Red 4G) customers can now access to 4G connectivity in as many as 40 countries, when they travel across Europe or worldwide. The new roaming feature can be added to the pay monthly plans by simply subscribing to EuroTraveller for £3 a day or WorldTraveller for £5 a day. European nations… Read More »

The latest broadband data revealed by Ofcom throws light on various aspects of UK broadband like availability & adoption of superfast broadband across the nation, average broadband speeds, 3G & 4G mobile broadband coverage and consumer data usage volume. In terms of broadband connections, two decades old, ADSL broadband which is set to reach 100%… Read More »

More rural places that currently do not have access to reliable mobile voice service or high speed mobile broadband could soon be benefited by the installation of Micro Networks across the UK by the telecom firm EE. Instead of using the usual underground cabling or masts to extend the coverage, EE will be deploying new… Read More »