EE Mobile’s Video Data Pass includes YouTube and BBC iPlayer

5GEEEE mobile customers who use the Video Data Pass can now access to two additional streaming websites – YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Launched by EE in 2018, the the Video Data Pass add-on helps EE customers stream videos from popular services like BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and MTV Play without consuming data from their monthly mobile data allowance.

Video Data Pass cost details & features

However, Video Data Pass is currently available only with pay monthly EE Mobile plans (4G and 5G) for £8.99 extra a month. It comes with 1 month rolling contract which you can extend or cancel as you wish.

EE’s Smart Plan users can also get this add-on free of cost by swapping plan features.

Video Data Pass also includes free EU roaming means you can use it when you’re travelling in Europe without any additional cost.

EE 5G to be available by the end of May

EE, the UK’s largest 4G operator, will soon launch its ultra-fast 5G service in selected areas in six major cities in the UK including Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast, London and Belfast.

Along with 5G enabled smart phones and WiFi device, EE has also announced 5G data plans with optional passes like Gamer’s data pass. The new service would charge from £54 a month and will provide up to 120GB data a month.

5G is set to take mobile experience to new levels by offering speeds much faster than 4G and unbeatable reliability.

Following EE, Vodafone is also launching its 5G service by July 2019.

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