EE ranked the best for 4G UK coverage and download speed

April 6, 2018

4G mobile operator EE came top on a latest mobile broadband performance survey, in terms of 4G coverage, 4G download speed and 3G speed.

According to Q1 2018 survey conducted by OpenSignal, EE’s 4G broadband is now available to 86% of the UK population, while O2 came 2nd with 83% coverage in the UK. Vodafone 4G is now accessible by 79% of the users in the UK, while Three UK has just reached 66% 4G coverage.

When it comes to 4G download speed that users could actually receive on their devices, EE delivered average speed of 29Mbps to its 4G customers. Three UK offered average speed of 22Mbps via its 4G service, while Vodafone (20Mbps) and O2 (15Mbps) delivered slower speeds, when compared to their rivals.

EE also offered the fastest 3G speed of 7.78Mbps, followed by Three (7Mbps), Vodafone (5.24Mbps) and O2 (4.76Mbps).
EE also performed better than its competitors in terms of latency, both in 3G and 4G networks which ensured reliability and better connectivity for its customers.

During OpenSignal performance survey, more than 61k mobile devices across the UK were used for 890m speed tests to provide the data for the report.

The study also revealed that all major operators have improved their coverage and average speeds in the latest quarter when compared to the previous quarter.

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