Plusnet to offer cheaper broadband deals in more areas

PlusnetPlusnet has confirmed that more areas across the UK will soon get access to its cheap broadband deals which would enable its customers make significant savings on the broadband & phone costs.

The low cost areas or Market B refer to locations where there are more providers offer services and choices to broadband users. Currently, Market B covers 97% of UK premises which could sign up for low cost Plusnet products.

By contrast, Market A areas have one or two operators including BT without any network competition. According to 2017 figures, 2% of the UK homes are located in Market A and need to pay more for the same broadband packages which are available at cheaper price point in Market B areas.

Plusnet offers its unlimited broadband (17Mbps) for £9.99 in low cost areas when compared to £17.49 a month for subscribers who live in Market B areas.

It is expected that Ofcom would soon add more areas to Market A segment to benefit the customers from low cost deals.

However, Plusnet has already set to make changes before the regulator officially update the market details in 2018.

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