UK Broadband and 4G services rank high on Ofcom Global Report

December 19, 2017

UK communications regulator Ofcom has just revealed the results of its comparative study of UK’s fixed broadband, 4G mobile networks along with 18 global countries including top performing nations like France, South Korea and Sweden.

The data gathered for International Communications Market Report 2017 by the end of 2016 allows us to find UK’s global ranking in terms of coverage and customer satisfaction levels reported by the customers in these countries.

With the UK is on rapid course to improve broadband access speeds and coverage over the last 5 to 6 years, the expansion of ADSL 2+ and fibre networks helped the country rank 5th, when it comes the availability of 30Mbps+ service which is currently accessible to 92% of the UK premises.

However, the availability of ultra fast broadband with 300Mbps+ speeds is yet to go beyond 2% of the UK. It’s believed that the coverage of full fibre broadband would improve in the coming years as major providers Virgin Media and BT has committed huge investments on the expansion of FTTP networks.

According to Ofcom study, 54% of UK premises are served by ADSL networks which can offer up to 30Mbps on ideal conditions.

Virgin Media’s cable network covers 20% of broadband subscriptions, while 26% of the UK connections are fibre (FTTC) based.

By contrast, full fibre broadband supplied by small providers like GigaClear, Hyperoptic and CityFibre have negligible presence on the chart that all broadband types.

Despite not raking on top for speeds, the UK broadband providers were found to be one of the best services based on other criteria, ranking only next to the USA.

Ofcom Broadband Global Report 2017

Customer satisfaction levels show that the UK customers ranked ISPs high for upload speeds, stable speeds and download speeds, while expressing not that much of satisfaction when it comes to ‘value for money’. Does it indicate the providers offer the services for higher pricing?

Ofcom Report on 4G performance in the UK

4G in the UK has been going through huge developments in the UK ever since EE launched the first 4G mobile network in 2011.

According to the latest Ofcom report, UK has achieved 100% of 4G population coverage in the UK in 2016.

However, only 69% of mobile users in the UK own 4G enabled handsets and subscribed for 4G data plans. 90% of the data traffic is transmitted via 4G networks, the report also shows.

The happy news is the UK leads as the top nation of 4G adoption and coverage among European nations.

87% of the 4G users are happy with the over-all service quality of their respective networks. Customers ranked the operators high for reliable and speeds, while wishing better pricing for the data plans and services.

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