Virgin Media reduces bundles prices but hikes dual package pricing

December 19, 2017

Virgin MediaVirgin Media has announced new prices for its dual broadband & phone and triple-play TV bundles.

New Virgin Media customers who buy dual packages will need to pay more. However, the plans will include Talk More Anytime calls instead of weekend calls.

Unless you are a busy phone caller, the new prices would definitely disappoint you. Almost, all packages including VIVID 50, VIVID 100, VIVID 200 and VIVID 300 get significant prices hikes.

However, triple-play bundles. especially, Mix, Full House and VIP bundles have welcome price cuts for new customers who can make great savings.

Virgin Media broadband, phone and TV bundles

  • All bundles will include Virgin TV V6 box for no extra cost.
  • TV & broadband bundles will continue to offer free weekend calls as standard.
  • You can add Netflix, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema or upgrade faster fibre speeds at anytime.

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