Virgin Media and Sky have highest number of happy customers, Ofcom reports

ofcom reveals broadband complaints dataOfcom has reported a slight decline in consumer complaints about communications services during the first quarter of 2013.

According to the regulator, pay-monthly mobile sector performed better than other services, generating less number of complaints between January and March 2013, when compared to the previous quarter.

However, other services including broadband, landline and pay TV saw their complaints figures remaining static in Q1, said Ofcom.

Ofcom findings also revealed that Virgin Media is the broadband provider with lowest number of complaints ( 0.08 per 1,000 customers) while Sky broadband came second with a figure of 0.12 complaints per 1,000 subscribers. (Industry average: 0.22)

EE topped the broadband complaints table with a figure of 0.57 per 1,000 customers due to switching provider and service problems, according to Ofcom.

The complaints figures about BT (0.33) and TalkTalk broadband (0.36) did not show much improvement in the latest quarter, it has been revealed.

When it comes to complaints about pay-monthly mobile service, O2 and Virgin Mobile retained their performance with less number of complaints (0.05 per 1000 subscribers) while T-Mobile was the worst performer, generating 0.19 complaints per 1,000 customers. Three and Orange, with their figures of 0.14 and 0.16, were still below the industry average of 0.11 per 1000 subscribers.

When it comes to Pay TV, Sky performed better than its rivals Virgin Media and BT, with the lowest 0.02 per 1,000 customers. With 0.04 as industry average, Virgin Media was close to Sky TV with just 0.04, while BT Vision, which generated the highest 0.29 complaints per 1,000 customers was the worst. According to Ofcom, most BT Vision complaints dealt with billing and service provision issues.

The average landline complaint figures stood at 0.20 per 1000 subscribers in Q1. Virgin Media (0.10) and Sky (0.12) continue to be performing much better than industry average while BT landline service generated 0.20 per 1,000 customers. Ofcom received highest number of complaints (0.39) about TalkTalk phone due to technical and service issues.

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