Small firms lose business opportunities due to slow broadband

speed-testSmall firms in Hutton in Essex just lose business and money due to slow broadband, it has been revealed.

The industrial estate in the area which has around 50 firms, is connected to ADSL broadaband from BT which delivers download speeds between 0.5Mbps and 1.6Mbps to the firms which actually pay for 20Mb service.

According to, many local firms lose potential business opportunities as their customers in cities like London are hesitant in giving work to them due to slow, online communication.

The problem lies in the fact that BT considers that the area is not commercially viable for fibre upgrade.

Only solution for the local businesses is to get fibre broadband from Brentwood exchange for which they need to £8,000 per year on a five-year contract.

As this sum is quite big for an entrepreneur, collective funding by firms is believed to be an affordable solution for the issue.

BT said it would find out whether fibre upgrade is possible with the backing by estate residents.

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