Virgin Media the best broadband for video streaming, says Netflix

Fast broadband speeds are must for watching streaming videos without buffering. High-definition video contents would require solid, faster connection speeds for better user experience.

Type of broadband also has an direct impact on streaming speeds. For instance, wireless and mobile networks which are often prone to interference, could slow down and cause buffering while viewing videos streamed via sites like Netflix.

Netflix which has over 30m monthly viewers, has recently revealed the best broadband providers in terms of streaming speeds after a survey it has conducted in December 2012.

While Virgin came first with average 2.16Mbps speeds, its rivals O2, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and EE (Everything Everywhere) were ranked after the cable ISP with speeds ranging between 2.03Mbps and 1.86Mbps).

Its streaming speeds on UK mobile networks could reach just a fourth (0.5Mbps) when compared to fixed, home broadband networks, Netflix said.

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