Virgin Media cable broadband customers reach 4.103 million

Virgin Media cable broadbandCable broadband provider Virgin Media added more than 17.500 customers during the quarterly period (Q4 2011) that ended on 31st December 2011.

Total Virgin Media cable broadband customers now stand at 4,102,900 while ADSL 2+ based customer base reduced by 12,500 to shrink to 248,200 in Q4.

Over-all, Virgin managed to increase its total subscription base from 4,333,600 to 4,351,100 in the latest quarter.

According to the cable operator, more than a quarter (28%) of its customers,i.e., 1.2 million homes have subscribed to its faster broadband packages (20Mbps+ speed), while its superfast services (50Mbps XXL and 100Mbps) have added 3,000 subscriptions to reach 200,000 in Q4.

Around 700,000 Virgin customers have signed up for broadband deals that offer speeds 30Mbps and above, the provider claimed.

“Demand for better broadband also continues to grow fast, with around half of new customers choosing superfast speeds. The combination of the best TV experience and the best broadband, has enabled us to acquire more new customers in the quarter.” said Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media.

Virgin Media has recently announced its plans to double the broadband speeds for its cable customers and also launch 120Mb broadband. The popular TiVo service which Virgn broadband bundles come with offers enhanced online experience, according to the ISP.

When it comes to earnings, the firm saw its revenues increase by 2% to reach £1 billion in Q4. The results showed the ARPU for its cable based internet services stood at £47.85.

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