Internet providers pledge to remove child abuse content from the web

Making web safe place for childrenInternet providers BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky donate £1 million to IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) for the cause of removing child abuse material from the web.

The funding will back the hotline service in its fight against the websites that create and distribute the inappropriate content for children on the web. Being the largest funders, the four telecom firms have pledged to help IWF in making the web free of child sexual abuse content.

Although parental controls and web filters are available with home broadband connections, they are not effectively used by customers meaning children who use internet for studies, social networking, watching videos and online gaming in home or outside could easily access adult material in form of text, images or videos, it has been found.

With the availability of online child abuse content increasingly becoming a real threat to child online protection, ISPs, IWF and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and government have been working together on this issue.

Last week, the culture secretary, Maria Miller held a discussion with top internet providers on implementing the use of new parental filters by next year.

Although, full details are not revealed, the new filters are likely to block a range of websites by default. This would include websites like dating, drugs, pornography, gambling and violence. Social networking and gaming sites can also be blocked. Although, filters can be turned off by parents, say, during nights, the filters would automatically turn on at 7am.

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