Plusnet recommended by many customers, popular survey shows

Plusnet recommended by many customers, popular survey showsA latest consumer survey has voted Zen Internet and Plusnet as the best broadband and phone services based on their performance, speeds, reliability, value for money and customer service.

The Which? survey which is conducted twice a year found that these providers have more than three fourths of customers completely satisfied with their service and even ready to recommend the ISPs to others.

Ofcom’s last year study of actual download speeds received by UK homes has also confirmed that Plusnet offers better average speeds and more reliability of connectivity with only Virgin Media and O2 seem to beat the Yorkshire based provider in this area.

Plusnet also offers cheaper broadband pacakges with monthly prices starting from just £2.99 per month in low cost areas which actually make up more than 85% of its network coverage.

Only downside with Plusnet could be the insufficient usage (10GB per month) it offers with Essentials plan which may not meet the download requirements of a family or heavy users. However, Plusnet offers free overnight usage (between midnight to 8am) which can be used by medium and heavy users to download files, movies or videos at no extra cost.

Currently, Plusnet offers great opportunity for new and existing customers to take or upgrade to its superfast, fibre plans with 6 months half price offer.

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