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Offer: £100 Virtual Reward card included.
Note: Plans do not include landline. Landline will cost £5 extra a month. One-off £59.99 setup fee applies.

Overview of BT Superfast Fibre 2 with TV

  • Superfast Fibre 2  broadband and truly unlimited usage
  • Choose a bundle of your choice from three bundles 
  • Stay Fast Guarantee is included. You get money back if you can’t access the minimum speeds promised by BT.
  • Includes the latest Smart Hub wireless router
  • Pay as you go calls
  • Includes 170+ TV channels with access to catch-up and YouView+ TV box 
  • As a BT customer you can access BT WiFi across the UK via 5m hotspots which are powered by BT Openzone and BT FON
  • Includes BT parental controls, BT Virus Protect and 200GB free cloud storage


BT Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband

Superfast Fibre broadband offers an average download speed of  67Mbps and  18Mbps upload speed and comes with truly unlimited internet usage. No traffic management applies.

Entertainment TV

Entertainment includes YouView  set top box,  freeview channels, HD channels like iTV, BBC and Channel 4 and catch-up TV. You get access to 170+ channels that include 47 entertainment, 3 movies, 4 music, 5 sports and 7 news channels.

BT TV box

Access to on-demand videos via BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, iTV and 4oD and extra channels and access to Netflix are available with flexible add-ons.

Pay as you go calls 

The package is included with home phone so you can make PAYG calls at specified call rates. You can add call plans if you are a regular user, to get the best value for your money.

Compare BT Deals

Note: Price includes monthly line rental

Deal Average
BT Fibre Essential broadband 36Mbps Unlimited  £28.99
BT Fibre 2 broadband 67Mbps Unlimited  £33.99
BT Fibre1 Broadband 50Mbps Unlimited  £29.99