BT Broadband Unlimited

Broadband Phone Costs
Download: average 10Mbps
Upload: average 1Mbps
Weekend calls Upfront: £29.99
Monthly: £26.99
24 month contract
Total contract: £667.75
Includes £70 gift card till 21st November 2019
Offer Price:  £26.99 a month for 24 months (including line rental)

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Why choose BT broadband unlimited with weekend calls?

  • Totally unlimited broadband with an average download speed of 10Mbps
  • Free weekend calls to UK landlines included
  • Includes Home Hub 4 wireless router
  • Free access to BT WiFi hotspots
  • With Stay Fast Guarantee, you are assured of minimum speeds or you can claim £20
  • Free cloud storage (200GB)
  • No broadband price rises in 2019
  • Free parental controls & BT Virus Protect for 2 devices

The best features of BT broadband unlimited & weekend calls

10Mbps speeds for your daily needs
With its 10Mbps average speed, BT broadband is much suited for simple activities such as browsing,  email and shopping online.

Free weekend calls
This dual play bundle includes free weekend calls to UK landlines and 0870, 0845 numbers.

Home Hub 4 wireless router
BT Hub 4 allows you to connect your devices to high speed internet will all good features like secured connectivity and less interference and wider coverage.

BT public WiFi
You can just connect to any of the 5m BT public WiFi hotspots without paying anything for it. You can stay connected where you are.

Free cloud storage
You can use 200GB cloud storage provided by BT for no extra cost. You can just keep all your important data at a safe location.

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Note: Price includes monthly line rental

Deal Average
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BT Fibre 2 unlimited broadband and calls 67Mbps Unlimited  £39.99
BT Unlimited broadband, Calls & Starter TV 10Mbps Unlimited  £34.99
BT Fibre 1 broadband, Calls & Classic TV 50Mbps Unlimited  £36.99