Updated on 20-04-2019

Virgin Media Big Bundles – Broadband, TV and Phone packages

Virgin Media triple play Big virgin_media_collections_bundlesBundles is the best way to enjoy superfast broadband and digital TV at home.For homes that want to take up broadband, home phone and TV as a bundle, Virgin Media is definitely a a great pick.

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Virgin Media Broadband and TV

The cable broadband provider, without a doubt, is top class, when it comes to superfast, fibre broadband and reliable speeds.

Will it be the same with its TiVo TV which it boasts as better service than Sky TV, which is indeed the market leader, when it comes to digital TV services in the UK?

At the first glance, Virgin Media Big Bundles sound nice combinations of fibre broadband of various speeds (from 108Mbps to 362Mbps) and an array of TV packs which include more than 245 channels and 66 HD channels. Before comparing other features, one can just see how Virgin has carefully priced its Big Bundles so that every family can find a collection that suits its budget.

The beauty of Virgin Media bundles is that all of them come with next generation, fibre optic broadband and HD enabled TiVo TV as standard. Whether you take the cheapest Player bundle or the top-end VIP Bundle, you get the same, high quality, reliable. superfast broadband and digital TV service, with only speeds and number of channels differ depending on the package.


  • All Virgin Media broadband, phone and TV bundles include unlimited Anytime calls, free Virgin V6 box  or Live TV recorder and Virgin TV Anywhere app to watch TV on laptop, PC and Apple iPad while on the move.
  • Free Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0: This is high speed, wireless N router – perfect solution for sharing fast broadband on common devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, consoles and smartphones. It is one of the latest wireless routers with great features including advanced wireless security.
  • The new Virgin V6 TV box comes with 1TB storage and is included with all bundles including  Player bundle. Up to six shows can be recorded for watching later, while you are enjoying a popular live show. V6 box  can store 500 hours of standard videos or 100 hours of HD content. Virgin V6  box comes with 1TB storage
  • Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines that start with 01, 02 and 03 and 0870.
  • As a Virgin customer, you can use Virgin Media wi-fi service at London Tube Stations at no extra cost.

Virgin Media Player Bundle

At current pricing, it is one of the UK’s cheapest bundles of fibre optic broadband, anytime calls and TV. Broadband offers you average speed of 108Mbps which is more than 4 times faster than average UK broadband connections in November 2015. TV pack includes 70+ channels and 10 HD channels.

Virgin Media Mix Bundle

Mix bundle offers a better TV pack (TV M+) which includes 1TB V6 Tivo box, more than 150 channels and 11 HD channels with fibre broadband (213Mbps average speed) and weekend UK landline calls.

Virgin Media Full House Bundle

Full House bundle comes with average speed of 213Mbps , weekend UK calls and additional channels (245+) while 50+ channels can be enjoyed in HD.  Full House package also offers the latest Virgin Media SuperHub wireless router, 1TB V6 Tivo box and access to BT Sport and ESPN at no extra cost.

Virgin Media VIP Package

VIP Big Bundle is ultimate collection with 362Mbps fibre broadband,  two 1TB TiVo V6 boxes  and 245+ channels and 66 HD channels. Sky movies & Sky Sports channels, both in standard and HD, are included. This package also includes unlimited anytime UK calls and cheaper international calls. An additional HD box and new SuperHub wireless router come at no extra cost with this bundle.

How to save money on Big Bundles?

Buying Virgin Media Big Bundles online could save lot of your money in the first year as the current promotions – reduced price for 12 months and free installation apply to online purchases only.