Virgin Media bundles are deals which come with two or more services like broadband, landline and TV together in one package.

As a top provider of broadband, home phone and TV, Virgin Media offers several broadband bundles which are tailored to the needs of different types of users.

In case you want a better package than the tailored deals, you can just build your own bundled deal by choosing your favourite option of ultrafast broadband, phone and TV plan and combine them together in a bundle.

Virgin Media big bundles usually mean the most popular triple-play packages (TV, broadband and phone) to which you can optionally add a mobile SIM. 

Bundling multiple services has a few notable advantages – you can make significant savings with the help of discounted deals and free gifts. In addition, a bundled service also saves your time and helps you easily manage your bills. 

What types of bundles can I get?

Virgin Media offers a range of broadband bundles by mainly adding home phone and TV.

You can get a broadband bundle with just home phone or with just TV, while big bundles are complete packages which combine all these services together.

Oomph bundles, being quad-play bundles, are a separate category which includes an additional service – 5G SIM with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and fixed data per month.

So, you get following bundling options with Virgin Media:

  • Virgin Media broadband and phone – Talk Weekend included.
  • Virgin Media broadband and TV
  • Virgin Media broadband, phone and TV
  • Oomph bundles (broadband, phone, TV and mobile SIM)

Virgin Media broadband and phone packages

Virgin Media broadband and phone is the most popular option of bundling as most homes need broadband to connect devices and landline to make and receive phone calls. 

Virgin Media broadband and phone deals include Talk Weekends which means you can make weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers. Talk More Weekends is also a weekend calls plan but include weekend calls to mobile numbers of any network.

Download speed
call plan
M100 and Talk Weekends108MbpsWeekends UK calls£24
M200 and Talk Weekends213MbpsWeekends UK calls£28
M350 and Talk Weekends362MbpsWeekends UK calls£32
M500 and Talk Weekends516MbpsWeekends UK calls£36
Gig1 with Talk Weekends1130MbpsWeekends UK calls£65
Note: £35 setup fee applies

Virgin Media broadband and TV

Virgin Media broadband and TV packages are specifically built for customers who just need broadband and TV but want to exclude home phone from the bundle. 

Virgin Media TV includes Virgin TV 360 box and Maxit TV pack (190+ channels). You can subscribe to to add-ons such as Movies and Sports which will cost extra.

It should be noted that broadband and TV packages are more expensive than big bundles (broadband, TV and phone)

Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone (Big Bundles)

Virgin Media big bundles combine fibre broadband, inclusive landline calls and the popular Virgin TV packages together to make a complete bundle for homes. 

Virgin Media TV, broadband and phone packages come with a wide range of choices when it comes to broadband speeds and TV channels. 

Virgin Media offers three main bundles:

BundleWhat is includedMonthly cost
Big bundleM100 broadband (108Mbps avg)
Talk Weekends
110 TV channels
Bigger bundleM200 broadband (213Mbps avg)
190 TV channels
Ultimate Volt bundleGig1 broadband (1130Mbps avg)
Talk Anytime
230 TV channels

Virgin Media Big bundle

Virgin Media Big Bundle is the starter level broadband, phone and TV packages which includes M100 fibre broadband (108Mbps average speed), weekend calls and Virgin TV.

The inclusive Virgin TV package includes Virgin TV 360 box and Mixit TV which provides access to 100+ freeview channels. Other features include on-demand players such as BBC iPlayer, catch-up TV and TV app.

Customers can add more channels by subscribing to add-ons which come with a selection of channels from Drama, Documentaries, Movies and Sports.

Virgin Media Bigger bundle

Virgin Media Bigger bundle includes faster fibre broadband plan and more TV channels when compared to Big Bundle.

It comes with the bigger Maxit TV package which includes all the freeview channels of Big Bundle (Mixit TV) and all the four Entertainment Picks. Over-all, Bigger Bundle comes with more than 190 channels. 

Top Features

  • Includes premium Sky Channels in HD and BT Sport 4K 
  • Includes M200 broadband (213Mbps average download speed) as standard
  • Inclusive Talk Weekends 
  • Add-ons:. You can add Sports or Movies or Sports & Movies to Bigger Bundle

Bigger Bundle + Sports

For Sports lovers, it’s a great bundle which includes all 8 Sky Sports channels and BT Sport 4K. 

Bigger Bundle + Movies

This bundle takes you to the ultimate level of entertainment. All 11 Sky Cinema HD channels are included.

Bigger Bundle + Sports & Movies.

This is  ultimate TV package with all  the channels – Maxit TV, 8 Sky Sports channels and 11 Sky Cinema HD channels.

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt bundle

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle is the best ever bundle which combines the fastest Gig1 fibre broadband (1130Mbps average download speed), Talk More Anytime, a wide selection of all the premium entertainment & sports channels and an unlimited O2 SIM. 

Ultimate Volt bundle includes an extra Mini box with Virgin TV 360 box to watch TV on more screens in different rooms.

The O2 mobile SIM offers truly unlimited data, mins and text and free roaming in 72 destinations.

Other benefits:

  • Free WiFi Pods
  • Discounts on mobile phones with pay monthly plans from O2

Compare Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone packages

FeatureBig BundleBigger
Ultimate Volt
Download speed
Upload speed
WiFi RouterHub 3Hub 3Hub 4
Inclusive callsTalk WeekendsNo phone lineTalk More Anytime
TV BoxVirgin TV 360Virgin TV 360Virgin TV 360
Mini BoxIncluded
TV channels105190230+
Entertainment PicksIncludedIncluded
BT Sport 4KIncludedIncluded
Sky Sports HDIncluded
Sky CinemaIncluded
Mobile SIMIncluded
Contract length18 months18 months18 months
Setup cost£35£35£35
Monthly cost£29.99£49£85

Virgin Media TV 360 Box

Virgin TV 360 box

Virgin Media TV bundles come with the latest, 4K enabled, Virgin TV 360 box which comes with the huge 1TB hard disk to store100 hours of HD video content.

You can record 6 live shows at the same time using Virgin TV 360 box.

It comes with advanced features like Voice Search & Voice Control and Profiles with personalised recommendations.

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media big bundles include superfast & ultrafast fibre broadband plans which offer a range of speeds: M100 fibre (108Mbps average speed), M200 (213Mbps average speed), M3500 (362Mbps average speed) and  Gig1 fibre broadband  (1130Mbps average speed).

Virgin Media Hu 3 and Hub 4

Broadband package includes Hub 3 WiFi router which comes with advanced features like Intelligent WiFi, Smart channel selection and enhanced levels of security.

Totally unlimited usage 

Virgin Media fibre broadband plans come with no data caps. No traffic management applies so speeds do not slow down during peak times.