Virgin Media Big bundles – Fibre broadband, phone & TV with 4G SIM

Virgin Media bundles
Virgin Media broadband, TV and home phone packages (best known as Big Bundles)  allow you to combine the UK’s fastest fibre broadband with the best digital TV service.Plus you get  inclusive free calls (weekend or anytime) and an unlimited 4G SIM. Bundling all these services together on a single deal also helps you save money.

What bundles and packages you get from Virgin Media?

Virgin Media offers three broadband, TV and phone packages and it exclusively offers VIVID 500 broadband with V.VIP bundle.

Provider Average
Speed & Usage
Details Cost
Big bundle 213Mb
Weekend calls
125 TV channels
£33 /month
Bigger bundle 213Mb
Weekend calls
230+ TV channels
£45 /month
Ultimate Oomph bundle 516Mb
Anytime calls
300+ TV channels
Unlimited 4G SIM
£79 /month


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Big Bundle

Big bundle (previous, Player bundle) is a starter bundle from Virgin Media with M200 fibre broadband (213Mbps average user speed), free weekend calls to UK landlines & Virgin Mobiles and Mixit TV pack ( 120+ TV channels). It comes with pause, rewind and record 1TB V6 box and includes 10 HD channels.

You can also choose Big bundle with Drama Pick (148 channels) which would extra.

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Bigger Bundle

Bigger bundle (previously, Full House bundle) includes M200 fibre broadband (213Mbps average user speed), free weekend calls to UK landlines & Virgin Mobiles and Maxit TV pack that includes 236 TV channels plus BT Sport in 4K and popular Sky channels in HD. It comes with pause, rewind and record 1TB Virgin V6 TV box and includes 50+ HD channels. You can add Sky Cinema, Sky Sports – all channels in HD.

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Ultimate Oomph Bundle

Ultimate Oomph bundle (previously, V.VIP TV bundle) is a quad-play package which comes with the fastest  M500 fibre broadband (516Mbps average user speed). It also includes anytime calls to UK landlines (Talk More Anytime) & Virgin Mobiles and Maxit TV pack that includes 300+ TV channels plus the premium channels like BT Sport 4K, Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD plus Entertainment Picks & Kids Pick.

4G SIM with unlimited minutes, texts and data is also included for no extra cost.

V.VIP TV offers two Virgin TV V6 boxes so you can watch Virgin TV in different rooms.

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What can you get from Virgin Media Broadband and TV packages?

Ultra-fast, fibre optic broadband with unlimited downloads

Virgin Media is the first provider to offer ultra-fast download speeds of 516Mbps to the UK homes. It’s fibre broadband is also more reliable and speedier than other providers.

Virgin Media fibre optic broadband comes with four different speeds: M50 fibre (54Mbps average speed), M100 fibre (108Mbps average speed), M200 (213Mbps average speed),  M350 (362Mbps average speed) and the fastest M500 fibre broadband  (516Mbps average speed).

While all these speeds, except M500,  are available with broadband and phone deals, you get the fastest, exclusive, M500 with TV and broadband packages.

You also get unlimited internet usage  with no monthly download limit. During peak times, your upload speeds may be throttled, if you are a heavy user.

Virgin Media broadband also comes with superfast Hub 3.0 WiFi router, Web Safe and F-Secure internet security.

As a Virgin customer, you can use free Virgin Media WiFi at London Tube Stations.

Virgin Home Phone

Virgin Media home phone which is included with Big Bundles offer Talk Weekends with Big bundle  and Bigger bundle as standard.

With V.VIP TV bundle, you get Talk More Anytime call plan.

Talk Weekends allows you to make free weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Talk More Anytime allows you to make free anytime calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Virgin Media Connect app allows you to make cheaper local calls from your mobile.

Virgin Media TV

Virgin Media TV customers  get 4K enabled, Virgin V6 TV box which can record 100 hours of HD video content as it comes with huge 1TB hard disk. It can record 6 live shows at the same time.

HD enabled TiVo box which is available with Player bundle comes with 500GB capacity.

Virgin Media TV packages come with  100 – 300+ channels with options to add your favourite channels like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sport by adding picks including kids, entertainment, drama and sports.

There are also box sets which allow you to watch catch up TV and on demand content using popular online video players like Sky On Demand, BBC iPlayer and 4OD.

Virgin Go is a free app that allows you to watch Virgin TV content on your smartphones or tablets, when you are on the go.

What else you need to know about Virgin Media bundles?

You can get Virgin Media TV only in areas where its cable network is available. Currently, it is available to only 60% of the UK homes.

There is one-off £35 set-up fee with all TV bundles.

14 days money back guarantee allows you to cancel the service within 14 days without any exit fee.

QuickStart self-install option is available, if you have used Virgin Media service in the last three years.

TV packages are subject to 12 month contract. Monthly price will rise when you renew the contract.