Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Calls

Price: £22.99 a month. Offer: £75 cashback. Expires on 3rd March 2020.
Average Speed
Download: 36Mbps
Upload: 9Mbps
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Upfront: £0
Line rental included
Monthly: £22.99
Total contract: £413.82
18 month contract

Plusnet Website

Why choose Plusnet unlimited fibre broadband?

  • Superfast speeds (36Mbps average download speed) and truly unlimited internet usage
  • Alongside PAYG calls, you get free calls to other Plusnet customers and Plusnet Support
  • Includes the latest Plusnet Hub One wireless router
  • Fixed price guarantee for the whole contract
  • Award winning, UK based customer service

What are the best features of Plusnet unlimited fibre?

Superfast, fibre optic broadband
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre is more than 3 times faster than typical, standard broadband. Great for streaming HD content & TV shows, downloading and for gaming. Faster upload speed can help you transfer images, photos, videos, files from your end to online space in no time.

It’s speeds are also reliable on 24-hourly basis as well as during peak times. Here are the findings from Ofcom which released its latest broadband speed survey report released in 2018.

Maximum Minimum 24 hours Peak times
(8pm – 10pm)
Plusnet unlimited fibre
(36Mbps average)
34.5Mbps – 35.8Mbps 31Mbps – 32.6Mbps 33.7Mbps – 34.9Mbps 33Mbps – 34.3Mbps

Truly unlimited
Plusnet unlimited fibre comes with no monthly caps and no traffic shaping. Truly unlimited usage ensures that there is no slow down at peak times.

Plusnet offers its advanced, Plusnet Hub One wireless router for no extra cost so you can enable multiple devices to connect to the web at the same time.

PAYG calls with free calls to Plusnet support & Plusnet landlines
Line rental option comes with pay as you go calls that ensures you pay only for the calls that you make. Alongside, you can make calls to Plusnet numbers and Support for no extra cost. Need more calls? You can upgrade to anytime calls with a flexible subscription.

UK based customer support
Plusnet customer service is purely UK based and is available on all 365 days a year.  All the calls to Plusnet Support from any landline or mobile are free.

Alongside its extensive knowledge base available on its website, it also offers Plusnet Assist, a free self-help tool to fix minor connection issues by yourself.

Plusnet had the highest customers satisfaction ratings amongh the UK ISPs, according to the latest Ofcom broadband quality report 2019 86% of customers are satisfied with its service.

Best value for money
Plusnet unlimited fibre is suited for households that look for fibre package at budget price. With promotional offers, discounts, vouchers and cashback,  the new customers can always save more money.

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