Updated on 17-03-2019

Plusnet Fibre Unlimited Broadband and Calls

Broadband Phone Costs
Average Speed
Download: 36Mbps
Upload: 19.5Mbps
PAYG calls Upfront: £5
Line rental included
Monthly: £23.50
Total contract: £428
18 month contract
Special price
Offer Price: £23.50 a month for 18 months (including line rental)

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Plusnet Fibre Unlimited Deal Summary

  • Fibre optic broadband speeds (more than 4 times faster than standard broadband)
  • Faster upload speeds of up to 19.5Mbps
  • Unlimited downloads every month
  • Includes the latest Plusnet Hub One wireless router
  • Pay as you go calls
  • Anytime calls to other Plusnet customers and Plusnet Support are free


Unlimited data for your online needs
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre has no monthly caps, when it comes to data usage. You need not be concerned about how much data is used, when you make downloads, stream videos or play online games. There is fixed monthly price irrespective of the volume of data downloaded or uploaded . It is as simple as that.

Superfast, fibre optic broadband
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre is more than 2 times faster than typical, high speed broadband connections  widely available in the UK.  The latest fibre technology makes sure that your broadband is more reliable too.

Plusnet offered average 33.3Mbps  download speed and 11Mbps upload speed to its users in 2015, according to Ofcom broadband speed report.  Plusnet upload speed was in fact much faster, when compared to similar fibre pacakges from Sky, BT and EE.

Average speed of 36Mbps will help you go with all your favourite web activities.  You can make huge downloads, play online games and watch & stream HD online videos and TV shows without a hassle. Faster upload speeds mean you can transfer images, photos, videos, files from your PC, smartphone and tablets to online space and websites more quickly than you imagine.

Plusnet offer its advanced, Plusnet Hub One wireless router for no extra cost so you can enable multiple devices to connect to the web at the same time.

UK based customer support and award-winning service

  • Plusnet broadband offers great customer support through its extensive knowledge base available on its website or via telephone. All the calls to Plusnet Support from any landline or mobile are free. Plusnet customer service is purely UK based and is available on all 365 days a year.
  • Or if you are one of those who want take care of minor connection issues by yourself, you can just use Plusnet Assist, a free self-help tool developed by Plusnet.
  • Till date, Plusnet remains a great service, winning many awards from ISPA and other popular surveys for reliability and value for money.

Free calls to Plusnet home phone users
With line only option is available as standard, you can add call plans that suit your requirements for affordable pricing.

  • Line only package offers you fibre broadband with pay as  you calls.
  • You can make free calls to other Plusnet customers.
  • You are allowed to make anytime free calls to other Plusnet home phone customers & Support at anytime.

Our Review

  • Plusnet unlimited fibre broadband is a great choice for families and individuals that are looking out for superfast broadband plans at budget price.
  • Whether you need to download large files or watch HD videos, TV shows or play games online, Plusnet Unlimited Fibre offers reliable speeds all the time and especially, its faster upload speeds would help you make quicker uploads of large files.
  • Plusnet offers UK based customer support which is available 365 days a year.
  • Service quality is so important to Plusnet that it has been making sure that customers are happy and satisfied with speeds and are able to get prompt help that can resolve all the service related issues.

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