Plusnet Unlimited Broadband and Calls

Price: £18.99 a month. Offer: £75 cashback. Expires on 3rd March 2020.
Average Speed
Download: 10Mbps
Upload: 1Mbps
Unlimited downloads
Upfront: £0
Line rental included
Monthly: £18.99
Total contract: £227.88
12 month contract

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Why choose Plusnet unlimited broadband?

  • Truly unlimited broadband with average speed of 10Mbps
  • Includes wireless router worth £40
  • Includes Pay as you go calls & free calls to Plusnet Support and Plusnet landlines.
  • Fixed price guarantee with new subscriptions
  • McAfee Security anti-virus, online protection
  • Award-winning UK based customer support

What can you get with Plusnet unlimited broadband?

Reliable speeds
With its decent speeds which are reliable all the time, unlimited plan is  suitable for everyday internet access needs like surfing, streaming and online shopping. You can also stream, download and game, on one or two devices.

Plusnet unlimited download speeds are consistently faster during day time and peak times, when compared to rivals, according to Ofcom speed test results 2018.

Maximum Minimum 24 hours Peak times
(8pm – 10pm)
TalkTalk Fast
(10Mbps average)
11Mbps – 13.2Mbps 9.8Mbps – 11.8Mbps 10.7Mbps – 12.9Mbps 10.6Mbps – 12.7Mbps

Truly unlimited
Plusnet  unlimited offers ‘truly’ unlimited broadband which is not subject to FUP (fair usage policy) or any traffic shaping. You can download or stream as much as you wish with no worries of usage cap. No slow down at peak times.

Free Calls to Plusnet numbers and Support
You can make free calls to other Plusnet phone users and Plusnet support. With pay as you go calls, you  pay  only for the calls you make plus you can add anytime calls plan which would cost extra.

Award winning UK based customer support at zero cost
Plusnet offers excellent customer service which is 365 days a year via online as well as on telephone.

Plusnet service was rated the best among the UK ISPs for customer satisfaction, the latest Ofcom broadband quality report 2019 showed. 86% of customers said they are happy with its service.

Useful & essential extras
While you get free installation (this may change, when offer changes) and free wireless router (worth £40), you also get powerful online protection features like Plusnet SafeGuard parental controls and McAfee internet security and free self-help software tool – Plusnet Assist.

Best value for money
Plusnet Unlimited is one of the cheapest in the entry-level segment, as the package is often bundled with discounts, vouchers and cashback to help the new customers get more value for money..

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