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Post Office Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus

Post OfficePrice: £29 a month. Free setup 

67 Mbps download 
19 Mbps upload
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Monthly: £29
Upfront: £0
Total contract: £348
12 month contract


Superfast, fibre broadband with truly unlimited usage

Post Office unlimited fibre plus comes with 63Mbps average download speed and truly unlimited usage.  You can connect a number of devices, stream & watch TV shows in HD, play games and make quicker downloads

Free WiFi router

Superfast WiFi router allows you to connect devices to WiFi to go online at once.

Pay as  you go calls

Pay as you go calls are included, while you can upgrade it by choosing from the cheapest range  of Post Office home phone plans.

SafeGuard internet protection

SafeGuard helps  you protect your devices when you go online. Parental controls allow you to block websites with unsuitable content for children.

Flexible contracts

Post Office broadband comes with various contract lengths – 12 month, 18 month and 24 month contracts.  The ISP offers fixed price guarantee for the entire contract length.

Compare Post Office Deals

Deal Average
Post Office Unlimited 11Mbps Unlimited  £18
Post Office Fibre Broadband 38Mbps Unlimited  £25