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Speed  up to 38Mbps Upfront cost £59.95
Data Usage Unlimited Line Rental Included
Calls PAYG Monthly cost £38.99
Contract Length 18 months Total contract cost £635.95
Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab E or £50 Reward Card, when you sign up by 8th February 2018
Offer price: £32 a month for 18 months (Sky line rental included)

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Sky Fibre Unlimited Broadband Deal Summary

  • Superfast, fibre-optic broadband with unlimited usage, supported by the latest fibre optic Sky hub wireless router.
  • No free calls are included. However, you can use Sky Pay As You calls
  • Sky broadband Shield protection for internet users
  • Free access to public wifi hotspots of the Cloud in the UK.


  • Sky Fibre Unlimited offers superfast fibre broadband via fibre optic lines – the superior technology assuring you faster speeds at any location.
  • This plan also includes truly unlimited usage, allowing you to make unlimited downloads with no restrictions applied to your connection like fair usage policy or traffic management.

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Deal Speed Download
Sky broadband and phone 17Mbps Unlimited  £18
Sky Fibre broadband and calls  38Mbps 25 GB  £22
Sky unlimited broadband, calls and TV 17Mbps Unlimited  £32