Speed  up to 17Mbps Upfront cost £29.95
Data usage Unlimited *Line rental Included
Calls Eve & Weekend Monthly cost £42
TV channels 123 Total contract cost £851.89
Contract Length 18 months
Discounts on selected bundles + Sky Q 1TB Box
Offer Price:   £42 a month for 12 months, then £52.99 a month  (Sky line rental included)

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Sky TV Bundle & Unlimited broadband Deal Summary

  • Totally unlimited broadband access & usage supported by the latest Sky hub wireless router.
  • Evening & weekend calls are included
  • Sky Shield protection enabled on broadband devices
  • Includes SKY Q 1TB box which can pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • 120+ TV channels of News, Music, Movies, Sport, Kids, Gaming and International plus premium entertainment channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky News, Fox and Sky Living.
  • With free Sky Go, you can access TV channels on your smartphones, laptops and tablets.
  • Now, when your are not at home or on the move, you can remotely control Sky+ box with Sky+ app which you can download on your smartphone, laptop and tablet.
  • Unlimited wi-fi internet via The Cloud hotspots. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple iphones & iPads can be used.


  • Sky TV offers a choice of TV bundles  – Original, Variety, Family bundle and Complete bundle
  • Totally unlimited broadband is included while Sky TV entertainment includes 80+ top channels & 240+ freeview channels and more than 50 HD channels.
  • Sky TV also offers some channels in 3D and you require 3DTV to view 3D content/channels.
  • Sky broadband that you get on this plan is ‘truly unlimited’ meaning unlimited downloads of files, music and movies are allowed at no extra cost, with no traffic shaping or traffic management policy applying. Your broadband speeds are not slowed down by Sky at anytime.

Sky TV Packs

You can get more channels by upgrading Sky TV packs.

  • Variety Bundle offers 75+ channels plus 240 free-to-air channels (11 in HD) for £25 a month
  • Box Sets Bundle offers 75+ top channels. extra TV box sets, 240 free-to-air channels (50+ in HD) and 3D content for £31 a month
  • Cinema Bundle offers 11 movie channels of Premiere, Greats, Family, Comedy, Action, Drama, Crime & Thriller, Horror & Sci-fi and Select for £32 a month.
  • Sports Bundle offers six Sky sports channels and Sky Sports F1 for £40 a month. 3D and HD is available with Sky Family bundle and HD package.
  • Complete Bundle includes Family Bundle, Sky Movies HD and Sky Sports HD packs for £74.50 a month.

More deals from Sky

Deal Speed Download
Sky Fibre broadband and calls  38Mbps 25 GB  £20
Sky unlimited broadband and phone 17Mbps Unlimited  £18
Sky fibre broadband unlimited and calls 38Mbps Unlimited  £25