Sky Essential Plus
  1. Delivers an average download speed of 11Mbps and an average upload speed of 800kbps.
  2. Truly unlimited usage, no data caps and no fair usage policy
  3. Includes pay as you go calls
  4. Includes the latest Sky Q hub wireless router
  5. You can optionally add Sky broadband boost and get WiFi Guarantee
  6. Sky Essential Plus package includes Sky broadband Shield protection on your devices.
  7. Free, unlimited access to Sky WiFi hotspots across the UK anytime, anywhere.
  Details Cost  
sky Avg. speed 11Mbps
Avg. upload 1Mbps
Weekend calls
Contract: 18 months
Setup: £10
Cost: £30 per month
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High speed broadband with no monthly usage caps
With Sky Essential Plus, you get an average download speed of 11Mbps, perfect for surfing, emailing, watching TV, downloading and shopping online.

It also offers truly unlimited internet usage which means no traffic management applies. You can do as many downloads or uploads as you want. Even during peak times, your speed is always high.

Free Sky Q Hub wireless router

Sky Hub

Sky Q Hub is the latest WiFi router included in this package. It is powered by Smart Signal technology, which allows it to choose a strong WiFi signal to improve internet access, performance and speed.

Free access to the Cloud WiFi hotspots
Sky WiFi is a huge network of public WiFi hotspots in the UK that allow you to get online at no extra cost. You can sign up for free WiFi for up to 6 devices, including iPhones and smartphones.

Sky broadband shield online protection
Sky Broadband Shield is free online protection that helps protect your family and devices from online threats like malware and phishing. It also includes parental controls that allow you to block inappropriate websites for your kids.

UK based customer support and Sky Tech Team
As one of the providers of customer support in the UK, Sky has a dedicated Tech Team of Engineers who can resolve any broadband issues over the phone or online.

According to Ofcom’s latest report on broadband ISP complaints (2020), Sky had the fewest complaints compared to its competitors.

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