Updated on 20-04-2019

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

Broadband Phone Costs
Average Speed
Download: 11Mbps
Upload: 1Mbps
PAYG calls Upfront: £0
Line rental included
Monthly: £17.95
Total contract: £215.40
12 month contract
No setup cost
Offer Price: £17.95 a month for 12 months (includes line rental)

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TalkTalk Fast Broadband Deal Summary

  • Totally unlimited broadband with average 11Mbps download speed and absolutely no monthly usage caps and top speeds assured even at peak hours of the day.
  • Includes the Super Router – the latest wireless router designed for faster speeds, wider range and more reliable connectivity.
  • Calls are not included, however, free calls to other TalkTalk users are allowed.  You will need to pay for other calls only when you make.
  • Includes free HomeSafe online safety feature to protect all  your connected devices from web threats.
  • Includes free Talk2Go App for Android and iPhone devices to use your landline minutes or WiFi  or mobile connectivity for making cheaper calls.
  • Fixed price for the life of your contract.  12 month / 18 month / 24 month contract options are available.


Great speeds & totally unlimited broadband at budget price
TalkTalk Fast Broadband ensures your home receives high-speed internet connectivity with average download speeds of 11Mbps so you can enjoy reliable and faster broadband while you browse the net or download data from the web or watch streaming videos online.

Totally unlimited broadband ensures there are no hidden usage limits and the provider does not slow down access speeds at anytime. During peak hours (6pm – midnight), only P2P traffic is slowed down.

Under new TalkTalk traffic management policies,  all kinds of data traffic get equal priority to ensure good user experience.

No need to pay for unused calls
Fast Broadband does not come with any inclusive calls, although, you can make free calls to other TalkTalk customers. You will need to pay only for the calls that you make. It’s flexible and money saving,

Free wireless router
Get the latest and advanced wireless router to access or share broadband at home. Fast WiFi speeds, wider range and secured connectivity are the hallmarks of wireless router which you get at no extra cost.

Flexible call & safe boosts
You can add extra features to your broadband at anytime you wish. You can choose from a range of calls boosts and safe boosts.

You can customise broadband and calls features by adding flexible call plans or upgrading to fibre broadband plans.

TalkTalk offers calls boosts such as Unlimited UK mobile & landline calls and international call packages which can be added or removed at any time.

Free HomeSafe protection for users and devices
HomeSafe is a light-weight feature that can protect users and devices from harmful sites, viruses and other online threats, while browsing the web. It includes parental controls to save your children from unsuitable sites and allow you to block specific sites when needed.

Now, get advanced free antivirus protection for one device. Be secure at home or when you access internet via public WiFi or mobile networks.

TalkTalk customers can use the new Talk2Go app on their android or iPhones to make cheap calls using their landline minutes.  Alternatively, customers can also access public WiFi and mobile broadband via this app, when they are on the go.

Vouchers, gifts and free offers
TalkTalk has been quite popular for its regular special offers of vouchers, gifts and free broadband which can add extra value to your money.

Our Review

TalkTalk Fast Broadband is a great pick among the cheapest unlimited broadband deals – quite suitable for both individuals and families that have light to medium use of internet.

With reliable upstream and downstream speeds provided by this package, a typical UK household can access internet on multiple devices to stream videos, shop online and browse the web.

TalkTalk Fast broadband comes with free setup and 12 month contract. You can also opt for 18 month or 24 month contract option.

When it comes to pricing, the  package cost includes line rental while there is guarantee from TalkTalk that you will have no price rises during contract period.

It offers good value for your money and new customers can make great savings through the free broadband offers and price discounts.

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