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TalkTalk Fast Broadband

TalkTalkPrice: £21.50 a month. 

11Mbps download 
1Mbps upload
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Monthly: £21.50
Upfront: £0
Total contract: £387
18 month contract


TalkTalk Fast broadband is ideally suited for households that look for high speed broadband at budget price. It offers an average download speed of 11Mbps and totally unlimited usage. For households with 1 or 2  users who mostly browse, shop and occasionally stream some music & videos, it does everything without any need for going for expensive fibre.  

With totally unlimited  usage, it offers unlimited downloads with no hidden caps and you get top speeds even at peak hours of the day (8pm to 10pm)

Includes the Super Router  for no extra cost- the latest wireless router designed for faster speeds, wider wireless range and more reliable connectivity.

No call plan is included , but you can make free calls to other TalkTalk landline numbers.  PAYG calls allow you to pay only for the calls that you make.

TalkTalk offers calls boosts such as Unlimited UK mobile & landline calls and international call packages which can be added or cancelled at any time.

You get free HomeSafe online safety feature to protect all  your connected devices from web threats. It also blocks unwanted websites for your children.

Includes free Talk2Go App to use your landline minutes for making cheaper calls from your mobile, but it requires WiFi.

TalkTalk offers fixed price guarantee during the contract term means no price rise for your entire contract length.

TalkTalk has been quite popular for its regular special offers of vouchers, gifts and free broadband which would add extra value to your money.

TalkTalk Fast Broadband Review

ADSL speeds

While headline connection speed for Fast broadband is 17Mbps, it offers average user speed of 11Mbps means this speed is achievable by 50% of its customers at their location.

The real-world speeds or achievable speed range for TalkTalk Fast broadband customers do really vary. According to Ofcom’s annual broadband speed report released in 2018, here are the figures we get for this TalkTalk plan:

  Maximum Minimum 24 hours Peak times
(8pm – 10pm)
TalkTalk Fast
(11Mbps average)
8.9Mbps – 10.5Mbps 7.8Mbps – 9.3Mbps 8.7Mbps – 10.2Mbps 8.6Mbps – 10.1Mbps

However, TalkTalk Fast broadband offered slower speeds, when compared to other ISP packages in 17Mbps tier,  while Plusnet Unlimited (average 10Mbps) offered the maximum speed of 13.2Mbps on 24 hours basis.

Customer service

TalkTalk, as a provider was ranked the lowest for customer satisfaction, according to broadband watchdog Ofcom’s annual report 2019. About 79% of its customers were happy with its service during 2018. Most customers complained over its poor customer service.

The same report also showed Ofcom received the most number of broadband complaints for TalkTalk in 2018.


TalkTalk Fast broadband remains a great pick from the cheapest unlimited broadband deals that can save your money.  It’s a great deal, when it comes to pricing and value for money

Free setup, price discounts, introductory offers and fixed price guarantee for the entire contract – all these are some compelling reasons to choose fast broadband.

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