Updated on 17-03-2019

TalkTalk Faster Fibre with Speed Boost

Broadband Phone Costs
Average Speed
Download: 63Mbps
Upload: 20Mbps
PAYG calls Upfront: £0
Line rental included
Monthly: £25.45
Total contract: £458.10
18 month contract
No setup cost
Offer Price: £25.45 a month for 18 months  (includes line rental)

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TalkTalk Faster Fibre with Speed Boost Deal Summary

  • Average 63Mbps download speeds
  • Totally unlimited broadband with no hidden monthly caps.
  • Includes Super Router for fibre connectivity and improved wireless range
  • HomeSafe online protection included.
  • SuperSafe boost to protect every user & device from viruses and malware


63Mbps average download speeds and 19Mbps upload speeds

  • Faster Fibre with Speed Boost plan is much faster than starter level fibre packages including 54Mb Virgin Media fibre broadband. Such speeds are ideal for watching HD videos, playing games online or downloading large files.  (Average speeds: 22.8Mbps – Ofcom report  February 2015).
  • This plan offers 7 times faster upload speeds when compared to 36Mb fibre plans or ADSL plans. You will need not wait so long when you upload tons of photos, files to the internet. Everything is done much more quickly than earlier.
  • All TallkTalk broadband plans offer unthrottled speeds all the times means you need not be concerned with slow downs or traffic shaping during peak hours.

Totally unlimited monthly usage

  • With TalkTalk fibre broadband, you get unrestricted access speeds and truly unlimited monthly usage.
  • There is no set monthly download limit which means you can stream unlimited number of videos or download tons of files or play online games for as many hours as you like and this won’t increase your bills any way.

No inclusive call plan

  • There is free call plan included, however, you can make free calls to other TalkTalk customers at anytime. You are allowed to make PAYG calls as long as the calls cost do not exceed £20 a month.
  • However, if you want more regular calls, you can buy more flexible call boosts (both local & international) which you can cancel at anytime, after using for one month.

Affordable prices to suit your budget

  • The plan comes with introductory offer with discount for the first 18 months.
  • Free fibre connection applies for a limited time.


  • The latest Super Router wireless router is included at no extra cost. This is dual band router with gigabit connections, USB port and advanced wireless security.
  • You can get extras like HomeSafe online protection and SuperSafe boost (F-Secure internet security) for all in your family.
  • While HomeSafe is a normal web filter helping you block the websites which are unsuitable for your kids, advanced SuperSafe (F-Secure internet security) features protects all your devices from viruses, malware and other online threats.

All in Pricing

There is no separate line rental and the monthly price clearly indicates the total cost of the service.

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