Updated on 19-05-2018

TalkTalk TV Plus with Fast Broadband & TV Select

Broadband Phone & TV Costs
Download: up to 17Mbps
Upload: up to 1Mbps
PAYG calls
108 channels
Upfront: £25
Monthly: £24
Line rental: £0.00
Total contract: £313
12 month contract
Youview+ Box included
Offer Price:   £24 a month for 12 months (includes line rental)

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TalkTalk TV Plus and Fast Broadband Deal Summary

  • Totally unlimited broadband with maximum download speeds of 17Mbps
  • Speeds are not reduced even at peak times
  • Includes the latest Super Router which is compatible with ADSL, fibre broadband and YouView TV box.
  • New Talk2Go App to enable you make cheaper landline calls from mobile devices
  • Get the  latest YouView+ TV box worth £299.
  • 35 extra entertainment channels
  • Free calls between TalkTalk landline numbers
  • Pay as you go calls
  • Hundred of Freeview channels, 4,000+ TV shows and films plus 7 days catch up from popular TV shows.
  • Add Sky Sports and Cinema channels on 1 month contract.
  • Online protection with free HomeSafe internet security.
  • Free antivirus protection for one device.
  • Fixed price for the life of your contract. 


  • All inclusive broadband, calls and TV package
    TalkTalk TV Plus and fast broadband package comes with totally unlimited monthly downloads,  free calls between TalkTalk landline numbers and TV pack that includes YouView+ TV box (worth £299), numerous freeview channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, thousands of movies and TV shows plus boosts such as Sky Sports and Sky movies.
  • Totally unlimited downloads
    There is no specific limit to your internet usage and there are no hidden usage caps.  You are simply allowed to download movies, music albums and play online games as much as you like.
  • Faster speeds all the time
    TalkTalk does not shape the traffic or slow down the speeds even at peak time.  All kinds of data traffic, especially, TV traffic is prioritised on this plan while connection could become slower at peak times, only when you use P2P file sharing services.
  • Super Router
    The new, dual band HG633 Super Router comes with the latest ac Wi-Fi standard to ensure reliable and fast wireless speeds in home environment. It has 4 ethernet ports and 1 USB port for connectivity. Also features WPS, WPA/WPA2 encryption for secured WiFi access.
  • YouView+ TV box
    It can record 180 hours TV content and is compatible with popular online video players such as ITV, All 4, Demand 5 and BBC iPlayer.  Using 7 days catch up TV feature, you can watch the TV shows that you have recently missed.  Also allows you to watch hundreds of on demand videos, films & TV shows from just £3.45 extra a month.
  • Free HomeSafe for all and free antivirus protection for 1 device
    HomeSafe helps you block websites with harmful and inappropriate content and also protects all your devices and your home WiFi from online threats. Advanced protection from phishing, viruses, malware one device is included.

Our Review

TalkTalk TV Plus with fast broadband is a suitable package for families that look out for totally unlimited broadband and premium TV  features like YouView+ TV,  but do not mind paying a little more for them.

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