Unlimited Broadband Deals

What is unlimited broadband?

While a few broadband packages have a monthly download cap, most of the plans  do not come with such download limits, which are often advertised as unlimited broadband.

For example, if your package comes with a set download limit of 25GB, it means you can download data of up to 25GB per month.

If your usage exceeds this limit, your provider is more likely to charge the extra usage at a premium rate or may suggest that you take a plan with larger monthly download allowance.

Why and when do I need unlimited broadband?

Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to assess how much data you will download each month.

Data you will download or upload also depends on the type of application.

A mp3 track may take up 4 to 8 MB while downloading a movie in standard definition will use up to 800 MB. Watching high-definition channels and downloading DVD quality films will consume many Giga bytes of data which may be of concern for you, if you are on a capped service.Unlimited broadband options can be considered in such circumstances.

If you think that the monthly allowance of 10GB or 30GB is not enough, you can simply take a service without any download limits, especially, when more than one user share the same connection.

Will fair usage policy and traffic management reduce my speeds?

For the word ‘unlimited’, many tend to think that they can go on downloading files or make excessive use of their connections. This is where fair usage policy (FUP) comes. It is available in the small print which you have to check out, before you sign up for the deal. This will tell you how much data you can download during peak hours, as most unlimited broadband ISPs will also have to see that majority of their customers are not affected by the indiscriminate use of a few heavy users.

Some ISPs also have traffic management policy which may slow down the connection speeds of the heavy users in peak hours. Be familiar with fair usage policies and other restrictions as you compare and choose the best unlimited broadband plan that is right for you.Some of the ISPs like BT, TalkTalk and Sky offer totally unlimited usage without any hidden limits or speed restrictions during peak hours.