Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband and Weekend calls

Broadband Phone Costs
Average Speed
Download: 54Mbps
Upload: 3Mbps
Upfront: £0
Monthly: £23
Line rental: £0.00
Total contract: £276
12 month contract
Includes free setup 
Offer Price: £23 a month for 12 months, then £44 a month (including line rental)

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Why choose Virgin Media M50 Fibre broadband and weekend calls?

Superfast speeds
M50 fibre (previously, VIVID 50) offers an average 54Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed. More than three  times faster than standard broadband, VIVID 50 ensures that you get faster speeds even when you for connect up to 4 devices at the same time.

Unlimited usage
This package comes with unlimited internet usage with no monthly cap. Some restrictions may apply, if you are a heavy user at peak times. Virgin Media may slow down your upload speed, if you excessive B2B file sharing at peak times (8pm – 10pm)

Unlimited Weekend Calls
It includes TalkTalk Weekends plan which allows you to make unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobiles.

QuickStart Self-Install
If you already have Virgin Media service in your home in the last three years, you are eligible for this money saving option. You can get installation kit and step-by-step instructions from Virgin Media.

Is M50 fibre broadband any good?

VIVID 50Alongside superfast speeds, M50 fibre service also includes some great features that can make your online activities easier and much more enjoyable.

Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0
This superfast wireless router comew with the latest Intelligent WiFi technology to help you get faster speeds, wider coverage and strong wireless signal even at blackspots around your home. It also comes with the best security features.

Internet Security
You are also provided with free WebSafe and additional F-secure internet security to protect all your devices from malware threats.

Free Virgin Media WiFi
Virgin Media WiFi is available on Tube stations London Underground. You can use it to go online for no extra cost.

Free Apps
Using Virgin Media Connect app, you can connect to Virgin Media Public WiFi hotspots or WiFi Hub 3.0 in the home. It also helps you find wifi blackspots and helps you fix it with WiFi booster.

Virgin TV Go app allows you to watch TV shows and online videos on your mobile or tablet using WiFi or mobile internet connection.

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Prices include line rental

Deal Average
M100 Fibre broadband and calls  108Mbps  Unlimited  £25
M200 Fibre broadband and calls  213Mbps  Unlimited  £30
M350 Fibre broadband and calls  362Mbps  Unlimited  £35
Big bundle  108Mbps  Unlimited  £33
Bigger bundle 108Mbps Unlimited £45
 Ultimate Oomph bundle  516Mbps  Unlimited  £79