Broadband Phone TV Contract Costs
Download: up to 50Mbps
Upload: up to 3Mbps
N/A 12 months Upfront: £20
Monthly: £29
Line rental: £0.00
Total contract: £368
Discounted price for 12 months
Offer Price: £29 a month for 12 months, then £40 a month (including line rental)

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Virgin Media VIVID 50 Superfast broadband and Calls Deal Summary

  • Fibre optic broadband ensures that you get faster & reliable connectivity.
  • Includes the original Virgin Media Super Hub which is single band (5GHz), superfast (up to 120Mbps) wireless N router with advanced and security features.
  • Virgin home phone line is now included in the monthly cost and you get inclusive unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines starting with 01, 02 and 03 and 0870 & Virgin Mobiles.
  • Free access to Virgin Media WiFi in Tube stations on the London Underground (saves £15+ a month).


Fibre optic broadband – Faster than BT based 38Mb fibre broadband connections
Virgin Media ‘up to’ 50Mb is typically faster than similar plans offered by TalkTalk, BT, EE and Sky (up to 38Mbps). Faster speeds make a huge difference offering you better reliability and great user experience, especially, when you stream videos from Netflix, play online games or share the connection.

Unlimited downloads
Virgin Media 50Mb does not have set monthly usage limit means you can download all your favourite stuff from the web without restrictions, although, the ISP could restrict speeds on specific activities (like P2P file sharing) during peak hours.

Virgin Media Super Hub
It is superfast wireless router designed to get the fastest WiFi speeds by connecting to Virgin fibre broadband at home. The fast and secure Super Hub comes with dual frequencies (5GHz and 2.4GHz) and additional antenna to enhance wifi signals and enables all your family share superfast broadband on multiple devices.

Free weekends
Virgin Phone is included in this package and you get free weekends call plan.

Extras – Web Safe and 5GB free cloud storage
Virgin Media customers are offered 5GB web storage at no extra cost. Basic online protection – Web Safe allows you to block the websites with inappropriate and harmful content so your family can enjoy safer internet browsing

Free WiFi on via Virgin Media WiFi networks on London Tube stations
Virgin Media has built extensive WiFi networks along London Tube stations and as a Virgin Media customer, you can use this WiFi service at no extra cost means you can be in touch with your friends and family when you travel along these stations.

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VIVID 200Mb broadband and calls  200Mbps  Unlimited  £39
 Player bundle broadband, TV and Calls  100Mbps  Unlimited  £35
 Mix Bundle Broadband, TV and Calls  100Mbps  Unlimited  £39
Full House Broadband, TV and Calls 200Mbps Unlimited £55
 VIP Bundle Broadband, TV and Calls  200Mbps  Unlimited  £90