Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Packages

M100 Fibre Broadband
  • M100 Fibre broadband (formerly, VIVID 100)  comes with an average download speed and an upload speed of 10Mbps
  • M100 is totally unlimited broadband which means you download as much as you want. No hidden data caps. No traffic shaping applies
  • Includes the advanced Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 Wireless router with new signal booster technology.
  • Virgin Media M100 and landline package includes unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers
  • Virgin Media M100 broadband only plan comes without phone line.
  • You can get M100 broadband with Virgin TV. 
  • Quick Self-install allows you to install everything yourself without the need of an engineer.
  • Includes free extras like Virgin Media WiFi, WebSafe and Connect app.

Virgin Media M100 broadband deals

PackageAverage speed
(Download / Upload)
(Monthly / Contract)
Virgin Media M100 with
Talk Weekends
18 month contract
108Mbps /
Includes Weekend calls.
Big Bundle + Drama
18 month contract
108Mbps /
Includes Weekend calls +
145+ TV channels


Great starter level fibre plan with decent upload speeds

Virgin Media M100 broadband is an excellent, starter level fibre package for households with 2 – 5 users. 

M100 offers decent speeds for 4K streaming, downloading  and online gaming.

Its upload speeds are not so impressive yet 10Mbps upload speeds are quite enough for quicker uploading large size files, photos and other kind of data 

Truly unlimited

With ultrafast M100 plan, you get truly unlimited usage without any traffic management.

No fair usage policy applies which means you can make limitless downloads with Virgin’s promise of no slow down at peak times.

Virgin Hub 3 WiFi router

The advanced, Super Hub 3.0 wireless router that you get with Virgin Media packages,  not only helps you get consistently faster speeds when you connect multiple devices to WiFi, it also optimises home WiFi by boosting signal strength in blackspots , using its Intelligent WiFi technology.

Talk Weekends

Virgin Media M100 and phone package includes Talk Weekends plan which allows you to make free calls to UK landlines & 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobiles during weekends.

M100 broadband without phone line

You can choose M100 broadband only plan if you do not need landline service. However, it’s an expensive option, when compared to broadband and phone bundle.

M100 fibre broadband with SIM

You can add 5GB mobile SIM to M100 broadband only plan or broadband & phone bundle.

The mobile SIM includes 5GB data, unlimited minutes and texts.

Online protection

All Virgin Media broadband packages include WebSafe for safer browsing while advanced, F-Secure internet security is included in selected packages.

Free Extras

You can use free Virgin Media WiFi when you are on the go. You can register up to 7 devices and the free WiFi available on London Underground and other popular locations.

Virgin Media Connect app helps you find out  WiFi blackspots in your home. Then, you can WiFi extenders to boost the WiFi performance. 

Connect app helps you connect your devices to Virgin Public WiFi when you are on the go.

More deals from Virgin Media

Note: Prices include Virgin phone line rental

Deal Average
M50 Fibre broadband and calls  54Mbps  Unlimited  £28
M200 Fibre  broadband and calls  213Mbps  Unlimited  £34
M350 Fibre broadband and calls  362Mbps  Unlimited  £40
M500 Fibre broadband and calls  516Mbps  Unlimited  £46
 Big Bundle  54Mbps  Unlimited  £33
Bigger bundle 213Mbps Unlimited £49
 Ultimate Volt bundle  630Mbps  Unlimited £89