Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband and Weekend Calls

Price: £33 a month.
Average speed
Download: 108Mbps
Upload:  6Mbps
Unlimited downloads
Upfront: £35
Monthly: £33
Line rental: Included
Total contract: £431
12 month contract

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Why choose Virgin Media M100 Fibre broadband and Weekend Calls?

  • M100 Fibre broadband (previously, VIVID 100)  comes with 108Mbps average download speed, assuring faster speeds & reliable connectivity.
  • Unlimited usage allows you to download as much as you want. No additional cost
  • Reasonably priced, despite its superb specs
  • Includes Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 Wireless router with new signal booster feature
  • Includes free, unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.
  • Quick Self-install allows you to install everything yourself without the need of an enginner

What can you get from M100 Fibre and Weekends package?

Suited for households with 5+ users, M100 fibre can offer faster speeds that you would need to make quicker downloads, play online games and stream TV shows & HD videos. Faster upload speeds (6Mbps average) would allow you upload files, photos and high volumes of data in no time.

Truly unlimited internet usage applies, with no slow down at peak times.

According to Ofcom speed report March 2018,  M100 (known as VIVID 100) fibre delivered average speeds of 97.2Mbps during peak times.

The high speed Hub 3.0 wireless router not only allows you to get consistently faster speeds when you connect multiple devices to WiFi, it also improves signal strength in blacksports in your home, using its Intelligent WiFi technology.

Talk Weekends plan is included for no extra cost. You can make free calls to UK landlines & 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobiles at weekends.

You get WebSafe online protection and F-Secure internet security to keep your family and your devices from inappropriate websites and malware threats.

As a Virgin Media customer, you can use Virgin Media WiFi available on London Underground. Up to 7 devices can be registered to use this free WiFi

Virgin Media Connect app comes to your help for scanning WiFi blackspots in your home. It also helps you to find Virgin Public WiFi when your on the go.

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Note: Prices include Virgin phone line rental

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 Big Bundle  54Mbps  Unlimited  £33
Bigger bundle 108Mbps Unlimited £45
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