Virgin Media Bigger bundle is a TV, broadband and phone package tailored to the needs of homes that look out for faster fibre broadband and more premium TV channels  than the starter level Big bundle.

Virgin Media Bigger bundle also comes with attractive pricing and the variants like Bigger bundle plus Sports and Bigger bundle plus Movies are a great selling point.

Virgin Media Bigger Volt bundle offers speed boost (M350 broadband with 362Mbps speeds) and O2 SIM with 10GB data.

PackageAverage Speed
(Down / Up)
/ Contract)
Broadband + TV 213Mbps /
190+ TV channels£49
Bigger bundle + Movies108Mbps /
Weekend calls
220+ TV channels
BT Sport + Sky Cinema
Bigger bundle + Sports108Mbps /
Weekend calls
150+ TV channels
BT Sport + Sky Sports
Biggest bundle362Mbps /
Weekend calls
200+ TV channels
BT Sport + Sky Sports +
Sky Cinema
Note: £35 setup fee will apply.


  • Virgin Media Bigger bundle (formerly, Full House bundle) comes with a range of choices when it comes to speeds (M100, M200, M350 and M500).
  • Bigger bundle includes the comprehensive Maxit TV package with 190+ channels
  • Bigger bundle package also includes landline service with weekend UK calls.
  • The variants of Bigger bundle include Sports, Movies and SIM.

Virgin Media Bigger bundle plus Sports

Virgin Media Bigger bundle and Sports package includes M100 broadband (108Mbps), 150+ TV channels, BT Sport, Sky Sports and Talk Weekends.

Virgin TV with Sports

Bigger bundle with Sports include BT Sport in ultra HD 4K.

It is a comprehensive sports package for sports lovers as all the Sky channels in HD are included in this bundle. 

Virgin Media Bigger bundle plus Movies

This variant of Bigger bundle is built for movies and entertainment lovers and includes 200+ channels, Sky Cinema HD, M100 fibre broadband and Talk Weekends. BT Sport 4K is also included. 

Virgin TV with Sky Cinema

You can watch all the 11 Sky Cinema channels and a wide selection of movies and new premieres in HD.

Virgin Media Biggest bundle (Sports and Movies)

Virgin Media Biggest bundle (Sports and Movies) includes all the Sports including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

The bundle comes with M100 fibre broadband (108Mbps), 210+ TV channels and Talk Weekends.

Virgin TV plus Sports and Movies

TV pack includes Sky channels in HD, BT Sport in 4K and 1000+ on-demand movies.


Ultra-fast M200 Fibre Broadband

Bigger bundle includes M200 fibre broadband  which comes  with an average download speed of 213Mbps  and 20Mbps average upload speed.

M200 fibre is 5 times faster than the basic fibre packages (38Mbps) offered by Openreach based providers like BT, TalkTalk and Sky.

M200 fibre is ideal for large households with multiple devices,  streaming HD &  4K  ultra HD videos and TV shows, gaming and for making huge downloads.

Virgin Media also offers different speeds such as M100 (108Mbps), M350 (362Mbps) and M500 (516Mbps) with other variants of Bigger bundle.

Virgin Media Hub 3.0

Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 wireless router comes with the latest Intelligent WiFi feature which ensures reliable, faster speeds and stronger wireless signal in every room around your home.

Virgin Media Connect App syncs with your router and helps you fix the WiFi issues like blackspots which can be removed using boosters provided by Virgin Media

Talk Weekends

Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers and mobile numbers of any network are included for no extra cost.

200+ TV channels with Sky Cinema HD

Maxit TV pack comes with 220 digital TV channels including BT Sport in 4K  plus 50 HD channels like Nat Geo Wild.

You can add Sky Cinema and Sky Sports channels to bigger bundle.

QuickStart Self-Install

This installation option is available to Virgin Media customers who can do the installation themselves and save money

Maxit TV
Virgin TV 360 Box and Virgin TV Go App

With Virgin TV 360 box which comes with 4K and HDR features, you can watch 4K ultra-HD video content from Netflix and popular players like BBC iPlayer for the best experience.

It comes with 1TB storage to record 100 hours of HD videos. The box is also capable of recording 6 live TV shows at the same time.

You can also add 2 Mini boxes so you can watch TV anywhere in your home.

The Virgin TV Go App helps you watch live TV shows, movies and on-demand video content on mobile devices

Virgin TV Box Sets and TV on demand

Alongside 230+ channels with all four BT Sport channels & ESPN in HD, you also get access to exclusive box sets, an extensive of Personal Picks including entertainment, kids, comedy, documentaries and sports and an exclusive ultra HD entertainment channel.

Alongside Netflix which requires subscription, You can also rent or buy the latest movies from Virgin Movies and Store.

Free Extras

With Bigger bundle, you also get some essential stuff that helps you access and manage your internet, phone and TV services without any hassle.

  • WebSafe and F-secure Internet Security to protect your devices
  • Virgin Media Connect app for making calls from your mobile using WiFi
  • Virgin TV Go app allows you to watch TV shows when you are on move.
  • You can access Virgin Media WiFi on Tube stations London Underground

More deals from Virgin Media

Deal Average
 Big bundle  108Mbps  Unlimited  £29.99
 Ultimate Volt bundle  1130Mbps  Unlimited £85
M50 fibre broadband and calls  54Mbps  Unlimited  £28
M100 fibre broadband and calls  108Mbps  Unlimited  £34
M200 fibre broadband and calls  213Mbps  Unlimited  £40
M350 fibre broadband and calls  362Mbps  Unlimited  £46
M500 Fibre broadband and calls  516Mbps  Unlimited  £52

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