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Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle

Overview of Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle

Ultimate Oomph Bundle

  • Includes the new, ultra-fast M500 fibre optic broadband (previously known as VIVID500)  It offers an average download speed of 516Mbps with unlimited downloads
  • Includes TalkTalk More Anytime which offers unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines starting with 01, 02 and 03, 0845 and 0870 and Virgin Mobile numbers.
  • This bundle comes with Maxit TV pack which includes than 300 digital TV channels plus extra premium channels,  including 50 HD channels, Sky channels, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sports HD, 4 BT Sport channels in 4K and Kids Pack
  • Includes catch up TV and Box Sets
  • Truly unlimited 4G SIM with unlimited texts and minutes included for no extra cost.
  • QuickStart Self-Install

Free Extras

VVIP extras

  • You get  the latest Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 wireless router which comes with Intelligent WiFi feature to ensure reliable wireless signal.
  • Includes two 1TB Virgin TV V6 boxes to watch live TV as well as record  500 hours of TV content from 6 channels at the same time.
  • The Extra TV V6 box allows you to watch TV in another room.
  • You get free parental controls & WebSafe filter plus F-secure internet security for all your devices.
  • Virgin Media Connect app to help you make calls from your mobile devices via WiFi
  • With Virgin TV Go app, you can watch live TV channels on tablets or smartphones when you are on move.
  • Free Virgin Media WiFi on the London Underground

How this deal saves your money?

Virgin Media Bundles Savings

  • £50 off a month for 18 months
  • Line rental inclusive all-in-one pricing

Latest Deal

Average speed
516 Mbps download
36 Mbps upload
Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0
Unlimited broadband £35 setup cost
Weekend calls 18 month contract
260 TV channels  
Offer: Special price
Offer price: £77.99 a month for 18 months 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph bundle in my area? 

If you live in areas where Virgn’s cable network is available, you can check the availability of the new Oomph bundle using our postcode checker.

How fast is M500 fibre broadband?

M500 fibre (earlier, known as VIVID500) comes with the UK’s fastest, widely available fibre broadband (516Mbs average speed) and it is 7 times faster than the fibre packages (67Mbps) from BT and Sky. M500 fibre is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 575Mbp. It also offers 35Mbps upload speeds, faster than BT or Sky.

Do I get a different WiFi router with M500? 

You get WiFi Hub 3.0 which has been tweaked to offer the fastest speeds, the widest wireless coverage and the most secure connection

Is Virgin TV V6 box any good?

Virgin V6 box is ultra HD TV box so you can watch 4K TV shows and videos online. It comes with 1TB capacity so you can save 500 hours of TV shows (or 100 hours of HD content). You can pause and rewind TV channels and record  shows from 6 channels while you are watching the 7th channel. It comes with built-in WiFi so you can stream TV shows and videos using WiFi, 3G or 4G.

How the Ultimate Oomph TV bundle is different from other Virgin Media TV bundles?

Ultimate Oomph bundle includes Maxit TV pack  and top premium channels. It includes all the Personal Picks such as Family Picks (kids & baby picks), Entertainment Picks (Lifestyle, Drama, Documentaries and Sport Light Picks), Premium Picks & Sport Picks ( Sky Sport, Sky Cinema, BT Sport, Netflix, Racing TV and Box Nation. You can watch BT Sport and the latest popular shows in 4K UHD.

What calls I get with Talk More Anytime?

Talk More Anytime includes unlimited anytime calls to numbers that begin with 01, 02 and 03 and, 0845 & 0870 numbers and unlimited Calls to Virgin Mobile numbers.

What is QuickStart self-install?

If your home has ever been serviced by Virgn Media in the last 3 years, you can opt for QuickStart self-install which would cost just £5 than an engineer assisted installation. Under this pack, Virgin Media would deliver everything to your home, including the kit and step-by-step instructions.

Finally, is Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph bundle worth the money?

Virgin Media Oomph TV bundle, though expensive, is a great quad-play package for households that look out for a premium bundle that includes ultra fast broadband for streaming 4K or HD videos, gaming and unlimited downloads, anytime phone calls, 300+ TV channels including premium & Sports channels and truly unlimited 4G SIM.

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Note: Prices include Virgin phone line rental

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 Bigger bundle  213Mbps  Unlimited  £44.99
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M200 fibre broadband and calls  213Mbps  Unlimited  £40
M350 fibre broadband and calls  362Mbps  Unlimited  £46