Vodafone Superfast 1 Fibre Broadband

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35Mbps download 
10Mbps upload
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Upfront: £0 
GBP100 voucherMonthly: £22
Total contract: £528
24 month contract


How fast is Vodafone Superfast 1?

Superfast 1 comes with 35 Mbps average download speed and 9 Mbps average upload speed. 

Vodafone claims that Superfast 1 is ideal for 4K streaming on 1 device and 4.5GB download will take 18 minutes.

Ultimate Broadband Guarantee 

Superfast 1 comes with minimum guaranteed download speed of 25Mbps or you can claim 15% off your bill till the problems are fixed up.

Vodafone WiFi Hub

Vodafone’s latest router comes with Intelligent WiFi technology that sends powerful to all your devices and provides reliable connection.

Home phone 

Vodafone landline is included and you can make pay as you go calls Or you can add a call plan when you sign up.

F-Secure Safe for 6 months

Free anti-virus protection for 6 months is included.

Discount for Vodafone Mobile customers

Pay monthly Vodafone mobile customers can get £2 off per month, when they sign up for Superfast 1 plan.

Pro Superfast 1 

The new Pro plans include Super WiFi Guarantee. If you don’t get the guaranteed speeds. you can exit the contract without any penalty. 

Pro Superfast 1 also comes with Automatic 4G Broadband backup and 12 month free Norton 360 Premium. 

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Note: Price includes line rental

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