BT to upgrade broadband networks in Norfolk to 24Mbps

BT has started upgrading telephone exchanges in Norfolk area to provide speed up to 24Mbps, Easter Daily Press (EDP24) reports.

BT, the largest UK broadband provider has revealed its plans to deploy ADSL 2+ broadband network that can promise up to 24Mbps speed to UK broadband users by 2012. However, many rural areas in UK have not attracted major UK ISPs so the deployment of advanced broadband technologies has been slow in such areas.

In a recent report, UK consumers panel has also asked the government to see that all people in UK get the benefits of next generation broadband roll out and no rural areas are left behind when it comes to availability of stable broadband service.

It was known that three Norfolk MPs met BT regional director Peter McCarthy-Ward to express the needs and concerns of the people of Norfolk.

EDP reports Peter McCarthy-Ward as saying:

“We are working on improving the capabilities of our exchanges to deliver faster speeds of 24Mbps. The first stage of this has already begun in Norwich. The people of Norfolk and Norwich will soon see the benefits. I don’t know how many exchanges will be upgraded. It will be based on customer demand.”

There are 143 telephone exchanges in Norfolk area, however, it seems BT would upgrade only some of the exchanges to deliver 24Mbps speed while the rest would be enabled with new technology within next three years.

Chloe Smith, a Norwich North MP said:

“It is incredibly important to make sure this actually happens. I for one will keep on top of this.”

“Businesses and households in Norfolk – urban and rural alike – need reliable and affordable broadband. Along with a better rail service, Norfolk needs this kind of basic modern infrastructure.”

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