Virgin Media and Hyperoptic offer broadband discounts

Ultrafast broadband providers Virgin Media and Hyperoptic have announced huge discounts on their fibre packages for the Christmas and New Year 2020.

The year-end sale offers up to 25% price cut to new customers who switch to the selected bundles that include calls and TV packages.

The cable based operator, Virgin Media has reduced the monthly price of its M100 Fibre package (108Mb speed) from £33 to £27, while the monthly prices of M200 fibre (213Mbps) and M350 fibre (362Mbps) have been reduced to £32 and £37 respecitively.

Virgin Media Bigger bundle which includes M200 fibre, free weekend calls and 220+ TV channels gets a price cut from £57 to £49 a month.

Hyperoptic Hub WiFi routerFTTP broadband provider Hyperoptic has launched even better discounts on its packages – Fast, Superfast and Ultrafast which enable new customers get a 50Mb deal from for just £16.80 a month.

New customers can get an extra 20% off by using the code JAN20

Hyperoptic deals offer various speeds – 150Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps with options to choose broadband only and rolling monthly contracts.

Hyperoptic phone & broadband bundles include free evening and weekend calls and all its deals are subject to flexible 12 month contract. Free activation applies to all deals except Fast plan (50Mb).

By comparison, Virgin Media broadband deals come with free weekend calls, 18 month contract length and £35 setup fee.

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