1. Buy bundled packages

This is the top tip that helps you save good amount of money on broadband, TV, homephone and mobile. If you use more than a service and want to make savings, get them all from the same provider. The bundled packages, whether broadband & phone or broadband & TV or broadband, TV & phone, come with massive discounted prices, as compared to standalone deals. It also adds value to your money when you combine two or more services, because there are amazing freebies and free gifts and vouchers etc.Adding home phone allows you to make free weekend or evening & weekend calls depending on the package.

With Sky TV bundles, you get half price broadband or even free unlimited broadband for up to 24 months on selected packages.

If you are a fan of Virgin Media fibre optic broadband and their TiVo TV, their quad-play Big Bundles is the best choice as they combine ultra-fast broadband and digital TV at nice prices.

2. Buy broadband only plans if you don’t use home phone

If you want just broadband, but not inclusive calls, broadband and phone packages can be a little more expensive as you could be paying for what you do not use. As such, broadband only packages like TalkTalk SimplyBroadband is better option for you. No calls are added and you will pay only for the calls you make.

3. Choose standard contracts

Unless the service is required for temporary use at your location, go for standard contracts which could be 12 months or 18 months. Then your provider will include installation and wireless router at no extra cost, whereas no-contract or one month contract option requires to you pay more than 150 on these items.

4. Buy unlimited broadband

If your broadband has set monthly download limits like 10 GB or 20 GB, extra charges will apply to additional usage beyond this limit. If you are a regular user making lot of downloads, monitor and manage your usage periodically by logging into your account.

Opt for unlimited broadband, if you make lot of downloads or watch videos & TV shows online. Some unlimited packages may include speed restrictions, only when you make very heavy usage of internet at peak hours, otherwise, you will get fairly fast speeds to meet your requirements. There is fixed monthly price means you can make as much downloads as you wish without any worry of additional cost.

5. Compare broadband deals available in your area before you buy

Use postcode checker with Ofcom accredited broadband comparison tables to get a broader picture of services versus your requirements. Compare the deals based on speeds, usage allowance, monthly price, line rental and first year cost, so you get a suitable package and save your money.

6. Avoid switching broadband in the middle of contract

Changing your service/provider in the middle of contract requires you to pay termination charges to your existing company. To avoid this, consider switching your provider, when the current contract is about to end.

7. Student broadband

For students, Virgin Media 9 months contract broadband is a great way to save money. Not only the extra cost on line rental and longer contracts can be avoided, student broadband deals is also a flexible way to get tailored deals to suit their needs.

8. Subscribe to additional home phone features only when required

Home phone features like call divert, call waiting and three-way calls will cost a few pounds extra a month. Just weigh these optional features, before adding to your plan.

9. Choose upfront line rental

If you pay your home phone line rental every month, switch to line rental Saver or Annual line rental option which more than £50 a year.

Available to customers of BT, TalkTalk, Plunet, EE and Virgin Media, this option requires you to make upfront line rental payment for one year.

If you are a TalkTalk customer, the standard price is £17.70 per month, whereas it is just £15.93 per month equivalent when you pay £141 for 12 months in advance. Check out the following table:

  Standard (per month) Upfront (per year) Savings / year
BT £18.99 £205.08 £22.80
Virgin Media £17.99 £184 £31.88
TalkTalk £17.70 £191.16 £21.24
Plusnet £16.99 £185.88 £18
EE £17.50  £189  £21

10. Save money from Online billing and Direct Debit payments

Paper bills that are received by post can add up to £2 per month. However, choosing free online & itemised billing can help you save more than £24 a year. You can also save £5 a month through direct debit payments.