All internet service providers, without exception, hike their home phone line rental prices from time to time.The standard line rental now ranges between £15 – £20 a month, which is more than 20% rise, when compared to 2012.  For broadband & phone customers (including home phone only),  standard line rental is included in the total price.

To get the total cost of a broadband & phone bundle, for example, the monthly price of broadband and other costs, if any, need to be added. Currently, all broadband providers need to show the total price on their adverts and websites as per Advertising Authority regulations.

Latest line renal saver prices

 Provider Standard Line rental
Line Rental Saver
BT £19.99 £18.32
Virgin Media £19 £16.33
Post Office £11.50 N/A
TalkTalk £18.95 up to 15% discount
Plusnet £18.99 £16.49
EE £18.50 £16.58
John Lewis £15.50 N/A
Sky £18.50  N/A

What is Line Rental Saver?

So, what are the options available for customers who want to cut down the cost of line rental?

Line rental saver is an option that can reduce what you pay on line rental by up to 20%. Instead of paying standard line rental every month which is quite expensive, you can opt for upfront payment for one year in advance. This actually makes you eligible for some discount available with line rental fee.

Most of the major ISPs including BT, Virgin Media, EE, Plusnet and TalkTalk offer line rental saver or annual line rental option to their customers.

BT Line Rental Saver

As you see on the table, BT charges more than other phone providers, when it comes to standard line rental which is £19.99 a month.

It also offers line rental saver which £17.09 a month equivalent, when you pay for 12 months in advance.

If you have more phone lines in your home, discount will apply to one of them.

You can also renew line rental saver by contacting BT.

No calls are included.

Virgin Media Line Rental Saver

Standard Virgin Media cable phone line rental is as expensive as BT’s at £19 a month.

However, Virgin Media customers can save £32 a year when they pay £195.96 for 12 months’ Line Rental (£16.33 a month equivalent) by debit or credit card.

It is refundable, only when you cancel within seven working days.

Weekend calls are included.

Plusnet Line Renal Saver

The low-cost broadband provider also offers cheap standard line rental at £18.99 a month.

With line rental saver, you can save £30, when you pay £197.88 for 12 months. It is now line rental equivalent to just £16.49 a month.

No calls are included.

TalkTalk Value Line Rental

TalkTalk line rental comes at a standard monthly price of £18.95 which is slightly cheaper than BT’s.

However, with TalkTalk Value Line Rental, you can get 10% off, when you pay line rental for 12 months in advance through card payment.

If you opt for upfront line rental for 18 months, you are eligible for 15% off, means more savings.

No calls are included.

EE line rental discount

EE’s standard line rental was too hiked to £18.50 a month.

However, EE offers line rental discount when you pay 12 months upfront which is £198.96 (or £16.58 a month equivalent).

PAYG calls are included.