Take a deep breath and feel happy! You have taken one of the wisest decisions in your life by choosing the broadband. If you want to switch from dial-up to broadband, this section may help. If you are quite new to internet, this section will explain broadband from scratch.

What is Broadband?

The term ‘broadband’ has wider implications. Today, broadband refers to many other technologies that helped broadband to evolve into the finest and the most useful technology over the years.

Broadband is any technology that helps you to surf the web at high speed. If any internet connection has 512Kbps or above, you can say it is a broadband connection as broadband is the short form of broad bandwidth.

Generally, you get a broadband connection via phone landline (BT phone line) or a cable network (Virgin Media cable). If you have a BT landline already, it is less time consuming to choose ADSL broadband type. The equally efficient cable broadband network can do the same.

Regardless of what network brings you broadband, all mean nothing but a fast internet connection.

Benefits of broadband

Comparing to dial-up, broadband has many advantages. Cost-wise broadband is cheaper, if you are a regular internet surfer. You need not worry over how many hours you will spend online. It is the usage that counts, which you can manage quite nicely.

Broadband is more user-friendly. Connection may take a couple of seconds, not more. No disconnection, so no need to reconnect. You can do a lot of things online in your own fashion.

Broadband is never slow. You would get speeds that would allow you to see the web pages faster, download files and watch videos and TV online. It has a wide range of speeds to offer – from 2Mbps to 24Mbps. You may choose whatever speeds that will suit your needs.

We all, probably, know this basic feature of broadband – it allows us to surf the web and talk to someone on our home phone at the same time.

Broadband is more social. We all love to be in touch with our family, our friends, our colleagues. We don’t want to just send emails, but we also want to chat, share photos, videos with the people around us. Broadband has made this possible by allowing us to use different modes whichever that may suit us.

Broadband adds fun, thrill and spice to our lives. Online games offer a wide range of choices and real-time playing with your opponents online can be very exciting. You may also play some exciting online games using a game consoles instead of your PC.

Broadband is more innovative. You can setup wireless networking at your home and browse the net on your laptop from anywhere without the need of wires. Wireless feature is useful if you want to access broadband away from your home or your office.

Broadband is suitable for heavy users. It allows you download large files in seconds or minutes. The more the speeds, faster the downloads.

Broadband is more secure. Firewalls and the latest anti-virus software can help you to make sure that your computer is safe from virus, spyware or hackers.