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Parental control software and Internet security

While internet security is so important, it is equally important to see that your children are completely safe from malicious sites that can impact their moral growth. As home networking is becoming a commonplace in many UK households, both ISPs and the parents have equal responsibility to see the young generation get the best content that can help them to grow, learn important values of life – educational, moral and spiritual. Failing to give due consideration on this issue can be disastrous for the future.

Whether you are using stand-alone broadband or a broadband bundle that combines other services like TV with broadband, it is a good idea to monitor or restrict the activities of your children related to these services. Some broadband packages come with parental controls that can help you to carry out this task. How important is it to have parental controls? How they work? Which providers offer the packages with parental controls.

Adult sites

There are many adult sites which show contents of explicit sexuality and violence. Instead of educating your child over these hazardous sites, it is better to block these sites using efficient parental controls.

Gambling sites

These sites can develop addiction and wrong values in children. Again, using a parental control software is the best option.

Game sites that show games involving extreme violence

Online gaming is one of the entertainment features of internet. There are some game sites which show categorized games and a few games may have explicit violence scenes. It is better to monitor your child and give him access to games which you feel are suitable for his age.

Chat Rooms

Instant Messengers offer chat rooms but they may be quite unsuitable for your child as there are chances that someone may exploit the gullibility of your child or mislead to disastrous consequences. It is better to educate your child before he uses such applications. Tell him a few basic things about using chat rooms safely.
If you find them dangerous, it is better to block those sites using your parental control software.

Spam emails

Spam that reach your systems in the form of emails may contain undesirable contents like porn or violence scenes etc. Some spam emails can be harmful to your PC as well as they could contain virus or any malware. Blocking spam emails can be done with the spam filters tha come with your anti-virus software so just enable this feature.

Where can I get parental control software?

Some ISPs like AOL offer parental control software with their packages. All you need to do is to configure its settings based on your requirements.

If you are subscribed to other ISPs, you can find and buy similar software provided by Norton Internet Security, McAfee antivirus software etc.

If you are a registered Windows user, you can also use parental control software provided by Microsoft.

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  1. Useful post for the parents to know various internet threats may harm their children. Monitoring software sometimes is seen as intruding one’s privacy, however, it is right that the parents are responsble for their children so they should keep their kids safe from internet hazards.

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