Mobile broadband dongles cause incompatibility issues with Mac Snow Leopard OS

Many Mac users are having problems with using their USB dongles to access mobile broadband on otheir machines, it was reported. reports that the mobile broadband devices like dongles provided by the UK mobile ISPs like T-Mobile, 3 and O2 are not compatible with Apple’s latest Mac OS X, Snow Leopard as the new Apple OS does not come with support drivers for the dongles.

UK mobile broadband providers offer their customised, rebranded dongles (USB mobile broadband modems) made by Huawei and these dongles are reportedly causing the compatibility problem. However, other mobile broadband connecting devices such as MiFi mobile broadband routers are reported to be working fine with Snow Leopard.

T-Mobile has already issued an warning on its website over the compatibility issues with MAC OS X 10.6.

“If you use the (T-Mobile’s) Mobile Broadband USB Stick 120 or USB Stick 620, you should not use this with MAC OS X 10.6. It is currently incompatible and can cause serious issues with system stability.”

However, other ISPs appear to be working hard to find solution for their Mac customers. Orange is on its way to launch its own dongle driver for its customers who use MAC OS X 10.6,

Vodafone mobile broadband claims that it provides driver software with its dongles to work with Apple Mac’s Snow Leopard.

Now, it is for the Mac users in UK to make sure that their mobile broadband USB dongle can work on Snow Leopard before they go for mobile broadband.

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