EE offers £50 credit to broadband customers who switch early

ee_gbp50_credit-minBroadband users who want to quit their providers early and switch to EE Home broadband can now take advantage of the latest £50 early cancellation credit offer from EE.

EE which offers standard and fibre broadband now gives away £50 credit to new switchers to EE broadband while the existing contract expiry is not over.

After the sign up and activation, new customers will need to send their final bill that shows that were in contract with another provider when they ordered EE home broadband and showing any early termination charges.

‘We’ll credit customers broadband account with £50’ said  EE and the special offer applies to ‘up to’ 17Mb unlimited broadband & weekend calls as well as ‘up to’ 38Mb/76Mb fibre broadband packages.

EE broadband with free weekend calls packages cost from just £1 a month, while fibre deals cost from £9.95 a month. EE monthly line rental which costs from £15.75 a month also applies.

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Please note that this is an offer from EE and contact EE for further information or if you have any issues related to early cancellation credit.

5 thoughts on “EE offers £50 credit to broadband customers who switch early”

  1. Have been waiting since November 2016 for my early cancellation fee as I switched from Sky to EE and I’ve filled in the different questionaires and it keeps saying cannot recognise anything I’m fed up with ringing 150 every week to no avail if I’d have known that I’d have this much trouble I’d had stayed with sky because all everybody keeps doing is fobbing me off from one to the other I’m afraid I won’t be recommending any off my friends and relatives to EE

  2. Very frustrating.The method of claiming £50 credit for switching my broadband provider to EE should be a simple one. The assistant at the EE shop assured me that it was so but although I answered all the questions asked of me,correctly,I received a message stating “unable to recognise me” I am not satisfied with this treatment and request that a responsible official of EE sorts this out.

  3. I am trouble getting early £50.00 cancellation fee contacted ee many time , asked if I could send my last bill through the post, said no has to be down online or by email, say it does not seem recognise me , getting fed up phoning not getting anywhere, I wished I stayed with first utility.

  4. I don’t think that I’ll ever get my refund for early leaving BT. I was told that it would be simple. I really don’t know what to do next.

  5. We were promised £50.00 early cancellation credit when we switched our broadband from BT to EE. Have tried several times to claim it online and each time it says “unable to verify details”. We have also been to the EE shop at White Rose Centre, Leeds where Karolina also attempted to claim it back for us but was unable to do so. We would not have changed broadband before our contract with BT was finished if we had not been promised this refund.

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