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Moorsweb project to deliver 6Mbps broadband in Farndale

North Yorkshire County Council has announced fast broadband rollout plans for the rural communities in Farndale. Moorsweb project launched by the Council aims at bringing reliable, high-speed broadband to homes ...
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New Persimmon homes with Virgin Media broadband and TV

UK's top builder Persimmon has revealed its plans to design selected new build homes integrated with fibre broadband and entertainment services. The company which constructs more than 10,000 new homes ...
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Providers slash broadband and phone contract termination charges

Telecom watchdog, Ofcom announces that major UK broadband providers - BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media have agreed to receive just a third of their existing, early contract termination fee ...
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Talk Talk launch 12 month FREE broadband offer

Broadband bundle provider, Talk Talk has announced 12 Months FREE broadband offer for the new customers who sign up for its Essentials package. This is a special offer for just ...
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TalkTalk advises wi-fi broadband hardware upgrades

Connections of tens of thousands of people who are using insecure wi-fi broadband can be easily hacked to share copy-righted material over internet, UK's fixed broadband provider TalkTalk has warned ...
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O2 Mobile Broadband Dongle Review

Mobile broadband dongle (USB modem) is an easy way to get your mobile broadband on your laptop or netbook. Just plug this tiny device into the USB port of your ...
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