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  • Speed:
    Sky speed rating
    Sky’s 17Mbps service (ADSL 2+) offered averge download speed of around 8.4Mbps in November 2015 (Ofcom 2016 report). Average download and upload speeds on 38Mb service were reported to be around 33.4Mbps and 8.4Mbps respectively.
  • Reliability:
    Sky reliability rating
    Sky is rated as one of the most reliable communications service providers in the UK, whether it is broadband or home phone or TV.
  • Customer Service:
    Sky customer service rating
    Sky is the top ISP when it comes to  customer satisfaction ratings, according to Ofcom 2016 eport.
  • Value for money:
    Sky value for money rating
    Sky offers free wireless N rotuer (Sky hub), the new Sky Q TV bundles, internet security software, vouchers and discounts.
  • Over-all:
    Sky over-all rating
    Sky also offers benefits to its customers like free wifi access via The Cloud hotspots plus fibre optic broadband to its existing and new customers


Sky is popular for unlimited broadband bundles but the flexibility of its offerings allows you to get its truly unlimited broadband without Sky TV.

It is true to some extend that existing Sky TV customers and those who take it with TV subscription (starts from £22 a month) or Sky Talk Weekends (Sky line rental costs £18.99 a month) get better value on the deals, which is not surprising, as companies often offer various incentives to customers who take multiple services from them.

Sky is the best choice for families and individuals that look out for cheaper, value based bundling options such as entertainment, broadband and calls and wi-fi internet access via The Cloud. Sky’s copper based, ADSL 2+ (17Mbps speed) network can reach 83% of UK homes which can take advantage of its low-cost bundles.

Latest Prices and Deals

Package Speed Download Calls TV Cost More
Sky broadband and TVUnlimited Broadband
12 month contract
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £15 /month
£199.95 /year
Sky broadband and TVFibre
18 month contract
up to
25GB PAYG N/A £23.99 /month
£347.83 /year
Sky broadband and TVSky Q TV + Unlimited
18 month contract
Sky Q Box
up to
Unlimited Eve & Weekend 120+ £41 /month
£531.95 /year
Sky broadband and TVFibre Unlimited
18 month contract
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £25 /month
£469.95 /year
Sky broadband and TVFibre Max
18 month contract
up to
Unlimited PAYG N/A £38.99 /month
£527.83 /year

What do you get with Sky packages

Sky Unlimited broadband offers excellent value whether you take it with or without Sky TV. If you choose unlimited option without Sky TV, the deal will cost just £15 a month including line rental. Bundling options with Sky TV are also available.

Sky Fibre

This package offers up to 38Mbps speeds and 25GB monthly usage allowance.

Sky Fibre Unlimited

Currently, superfast, fibre unlimited broadband is available only in Sky network areas which are upgraded to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology. According to Sky, only a third of UK homes are currently covered

38Mb Fibre broadband with unlimited monthly downloads will cost from £25 per month including line rental.

Sky continues to increase its broadband customer base in recent quarters which indicates it is improving service quality and customer support along with its value-added services like Sky Anytime+ and WiFi internet from The Cloud hotspots.