Sky TV Bundles Review

What is Sky TV good for?

Great range of channels & shows
Sky TV bundles allow you to watch TV shows from all genres – entertainment, news, sports, movies, science and kids. There are freeview channels and premium channels of which you can watch some of them in HD provided you have Sky+HD box which Sky offers you at no extra cost. Sky also offers 3D TV content which is available with selected bundles.

You can get over 250 channels including Sky Cinema and Sky Sports by subscribing to a bundle which includes all the favourite channels you like to watch.

Sky boxes
The latest Sky Q 1TB box allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV and it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi to help you manage its functions without any hassle.

Catch up TV
The 30 days catch up TV will just help you watch all your favourite TV shows without missing an episode.

Sky Go
Now, you can watch Sky TV on the go, when you have a mobile device such as laptop, mobile or tablet. Just download Sky Go app on your device and watch your shows by connecting to WiFi or mobile network.

Sky unlimited broadband and Sky Fibre
Sky unlimited ADSL broadband and superfast fibre broadband packages are always available for easy switch and upgrade. Sky also offers discount for upgrading customers so they can make great savings.

What is Sky broadband good for?

Reliable, fast speeds
Sky broadband is more reliable and faster than its rivals due to Sky’s consistent performance, as revealed by Ofcom reports since 2011. Sky home phone has also been better than most ISPs in the UK, as per customer satisfaction ratings reported by the UK regulator.

Sky broadband comes with 11Mbps average download speed while Sky Fibre unlimited and Sky Max offer average speeds of 36Mbps and 63Mbps respectively.

Sky Hub wireless router
Sky Hub wireless router is a great broadband hardware powered by the latest technologies assuring you faster speeds when you want to share Sky broadband and fibre optic broadband in wireless environment at home/office. It includes great safety features and easy setup & customisation features

Free WiFi across the UK
Sky broadband subscription includes free access to The Cloud chain of hotspots which are spread across the UK.

Pick a Sky TV bundle that meets your needs

Sky offers a range of TV bundles such as Cinema and Sports so you can pick a choice of yours or customise them according to your needs.
Sky entertainment is the basic TV pack which includes 35+ premium channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky1, FOX plus hundreds of freeview channels (some in HD)

Package Details

11Mbps/36Mbps average speeds  270+ TV channels
Unlimited broadband 18 month contract
PAYG calls

Offer: Sky Q 1TB box included

Offer Price:   From £33 a month for 18 months (including  Sky line rental)

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