Schools in Wales to get superfast broadband by 2014

Schools in Wales will get access to faster broadband by 2014 thanks to the £39m funding proposed by the Welsh government.

According to Carwyn Jones, First Minister, the plans will ensure that:

  • secondary schools and primary & special schools can receive 100Mbps and 10Mbps respectively.
  • Schools can buy the latest computers/hardware, if they do not have them currently.

“This investment will ensure that, by 2014, primary and secondary schools in Wales will have access to safe and secure world-class broadband services needed to deliver a world-class digital education.” said First Minister.

The Welsh government claims that the superfast broadband access in school premises will help students to use the recently launched educational online service, Hwb in a better way.

Slow broadband speed is definitely a hurdle for schools that already have equipment, plans and enthusiasm, according to Leighton Andrews, the Education minister.

Fast, reliable broadband is key to deliver a high standard of digital education in schools, he pointed out.

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