Virgin Media currently offers 30 days rolling  contracts and 12 month contract to students who look for broadband at university and student houses only during term-time. However, one-off set up fee applies to specific deals that include broadband only, broadband & phone bundle, broadband, home phone and TV packages

Student Broadband Deals 2022

PlanDownload /
Upload speed
Broadband only
108Mbps /
No phone line£27 per month
(12 month contract)
Broadband only
213Mbps /
No phone line£32 per month
(12 month contract)
£39 per month
(1 month contract)
Broadband only
362Mbps /
No phone line£37 per month
(12 month contract)
£44 per month
(1 month contract)
Broadband only
516Mbps /
No phone line£42 per month
(12 month contract)
£49 per month
(1 month contract)
Big Bundle
(TV + broadband)
213Mbps /
Talk Weekends
100+ channels
£37 per month
(12 month contract)

Unlimited, superfast broadband

Fibre optic broadband from Virgin Media is more than 5  times faster speeds than the regular ADSL & FTTC broadband. Great option when you need to share broadband with other users, download & upload huge volumes of information, when multiple devices need to be connected to internet at the same time to stream TV shows & videos and play games online.

What can you get from Virgin Media broadband?

Virgin Media fibre optic broadband offers a range of plans with an average speed of 54Mb/108Mb/213Mb/362Mb/516Mb and you can also bundle broadband  with other services like phone and TV.

Broadband only option without line rental is also available.

M50 fibre broadband with 54Mbps speeds will enable you to download a DVD movie (5GB) in less than 20 minutes and you will need just half of this duration to download the same movie at 108Mbps speeds (M100 fibre)

M200 and M350 which offer an average speed of 213Mbps and 362Mbps respectively are ideal for a group with more than 10 users, for streaming 4K ultra HD videos and gaming.

All Virgin Media student packages come with unlimited usage and are not subject to any fair usage limit means you can download unlimited volume of data or music albums or movies without any fears to hit any hidden limits.

However, your download speeds may be slowed down at peak times, when you make excessive downloads or uploads when they hit thresholds set by Virgin’s traffic management policy which applies to usage only during peak times.

To avoid being hit by peak time restrictions, Virgin advises that heavy downloaders use off-peak times for downloading large files or movies.

Virgin Media also offers some useful apps – Virgin Media Connect and Virgin TV Go. The Connect app allows you to make cheaper calls from your mobile while the latter allows you to watch Virgin TV on your mobile or tablet.

Ultra fast wireless broadband via Virgin Media Super Hub

You can connect wifi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and games consoles to the web using Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 wireless router.

Offered free of cost with broadband packages, Super Hub 3.0 is a dual band, WiFi router which can handle ultras fast speeds of up to 450Mbps. It also comes with Intelligent WiFi feature to improve signal in any room in the student house.

Digital TV and HD channels

Virgin Media TV offers more than 300 channels and plenty of HD channels with 1 TB Virgin TV 360 box. You can add premium channels like Sky, Sports, BT Sport and Sky Cinema as add-ons.

TV & broadband bundles allow you to choose your preferred speed – 54Mb or 108Mb or 213Mb or 362 Mb or 516 Mb..

TV bundles also come with inclusive weekend calls or anytime calls

Talk Weekends and Talk More Anytime

Talk Weekends come with free calls to UK landlines ( 01, 02 and 03), 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers during Saturdays & Sundays. Usual call charges will apply when a call exceeds 60 minutes. You can hang up and redial before 60 minutes to enjoy free call rates.

Talk More Anytime includes free anytime calls to UK landlines ( 01, 02 and 03), 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers

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