Free wi-fi broadband access for Swindon residents

Swindon Borough Council is to launch  £1 million wi-fi project to provide free wireless broadband access to all the citizens of the borough of Swindon , it was reported.

Digital City UK Ltd, the new company floated by the digital technology firm aQovia for the project, will be responsible for the rollout and would setup more than 1,400 secure access points around Swindon. Signal, the new service will provide wi-fi internet access all over the city.

Town residents will get free, basic wi-fi broadband access with limited usage allowance which they may use for checking or sending emails. However, they will need to subscribe to premium services to get faster speeds and additional usage.

After a free three-month trial, customers can signup for reasonably priced, 20Mb per month scheme, the council said. Users can also make free broadband phone calls (VoIP) using the wi-fi network.

swindon borough

Pay as you go plans will also be available for non-residents and occasional wi-fi users.

Rod Bluh, Swindon Borough Council Leader hoped that the wi-fi broadband roll out would benefit everyone living in Swindon. 

”Not only will residents in the Borough be able to access the internet for free, the Council and its partners will be able to use the technology to provide cutting edge services to the areas or individuals who need them.

”Digital City will also provide the Council with a unique funding stream and it is our intention to use our expertise to help other local authorities follow our lead” he was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

Rikki Hunt, the local businessman who suggested the innovative technology says the new service will benefit both the consumers and businesses in the area.

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