How to find the best broadband deal?

Search the deals that are available in your area

To start with, use our broadband postcode checker to find the top providers, services and packages available in your area. 

Compare the latest broadband deals from the leading UK providers

Our price comparison tool comes with filters like speeds, usage, cost details and contract length that can be of great help when you compare broadband deals and providers.

Broadband Deals Comparison

Price details and extras

Annual cost and total contract cost which include monthly price and one-time setup cost (if any) would help you find the deals that perfectly meet your budget.

Does the package add value to your money by offering any free call plan or extras like cloud storage, public WiFi?

Bundling services can save money

Similarly, bundled deals that include broadband with home phone or digital TV service is the best way to save money. Furthermore, it’s easy to handle your monthly bills.

Speeds and truly unlimited usage

Choose superfast, fibre broadband when you need to connect multiple devices, watch HD or 4K videos, TV or play online games. Above all, fibre broadband is speedier and more reliable than standard ADSL broadband.

All providers offer unlimited download allowance with broadband, but do you get totally unlimited usage which means your access speeds do not fall at peak times.

Choosing the TV bundle that is best for you

While comparing fibre or TV bundles, check out whether fibre installation or TV set up box would cost extra or can you find offers without these additional costs

Whilst choosing your TV package, consider how many channels & TV shows you get

Look out for special offers

Look out for the special offers that come with promotional discounts, free gifts, cashback, rewards and vouchers. We regularly feature special offers and exclusive deals to help you get the best value for money.

Broadband Reviews

After selecting the deal you like, it’s time to sign up. Before that, reading genuine reviews about your new provider can help you a lot.

Finally, reviews and customer ratings of the provider could help you know whether they are any good when it comes to reliable service or customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to switch broadband provider?

Start the process of switch when the contract term is about to end. Choose your new provider and package and sign up. No need to get MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) when you switch between similar type of networks (like BT,TalkTalk or Sky etc). Your new service provider will complete the switch which would be seamless.

However, when you migrate between different networks ( ADSL to cable or vice versa) you will need to cancel the existing service at right time so you will be out of service for minimum time.

Speed estimate

Before sign up, your new provider needs to furnish actual speeds you are likely to get at your premises in written document. Speed estimate has been made mandate by telecom watchdog Ofcom. This helps you cancel the service without penalty if the provider fails to deliver the promised speeds.

Minimum contract

It is the minimum length of time you agree to use the broadband service and pay bills for it. It could be 12 months or 18 months depending on the provider

Installation & other initial costs
Fibre and TV services may have one-off installation costs. However, you usually get free wireless routers and free TV boxes depending on package. However, delivery or posting charge usually applies.

Traffic management

It is provider’s right to apply its own traffic management rules to maintain quality. However, traffic shaping does not usually affect your broadband speeds unless you use it for P2P file sharing during peak times.Totally unlimited service does not restrict speeds even during peak hours

Cancellation Charges

Early termination fee will usually apply, when you cancel the service before the end of minimum contract. You will be asked to pay for the rest of the months & days left in the contract.If you cancel after the minimum contract, you will need to give 30 days or 14 days notice as required by your provider.

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