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Top Deals

Package You Get Offer Cost More
TalkTalk Fast Broadband
TalkTalk broadband
up to 17Mb broadband
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Free setup £18.95 p/m
12 month contract
Plusnet Unlimited
Plusnet Broadband
up to 17Mb broadband
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
£18.99 p/m
18 month contract
Virgin Media VIVID 50 & Calls
Virgin Media
up to 50Mb broadband
Unlimited downloads
Weekend calls
£32 p/m
12 month contract
BT Unlimited & Calls
up to 17Mb broadband
Unlimited downloads
Weekend calls
£23.99 p/m
18 month contract
TalkTalk Faster Fibre
TalkTalk broadband
up to 38Mb broadband
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Free connection £25 p/m
18 month contract

Common Questions

What broadband speeds would I need?

The speeds you would need depend upon what applications/programs you are about to use online.

To browse, receive emails, stream music and download files, regular broadband with  17Mbps speed would be ideal.  You can also watch online videos in standard definition via these connection speeds.

However, you might need superfast speeds of 38Mbps or above for large file/HD movie downloads, streaming high definition videos and real-time online gaming. Fibre optic broadband is ideal for these applications.

If you need to upload images, large data and files, make sure that you get faster upload speeds too. With fibre broadband, you can get up to 19.5Mbps upload speed

What can I do with services that come with these advertised download speeds?

‘up to’ 17Mbps
  • Good for basic things – browsing, emailing, social networking & online shopping
  • Youtube and  standard TV & videos
  • Download files of small to medium size
‘up to’ 38Mbps
‘up to’ 50Mbps
‘up to’ 52Mbps
  • Recommended when multiple users and devices need to connect
  • Good for watching HD videos online & HD TV channels
  • Ideal for playing high speed online games & quick downloads
‘up to’ 76Mbps
‘up to’ 100Mbps
  • Ideal for connecting multiple users and devices
  • Best for watching HD videos online & HD TV channels
  • Excellent for playing latest online games & quicker downloads
‘up to’ 200Mbps
  • Ideal for using broadband at maximum – multiple users & mulitple devices
  • Download of very large files, movies at lightning speeds.
  • Ultimate user experience when watching HD & ultra-HD videos online & HD TV channels

Download time for applications

Speed 1Mp3 30 minutes standard video A DVD movie
17Mbps 4 seconds 5 minutes 50 minutes
38Mbps 2 seconds 3 minutes 25 minutes
76Mbps 2 seconds 2 minutes 8 minutes

How much data would I need a month?

Light users who occasionally download or stream/download videos, would need 10GB or more. 40GB is safe if you use internet daily for browsing, Youtube and occasional film downloads.If you frequently download large files, stream/download movies or share connection with others in your family/office, 100GB + usage or unlimited plan is ideal.

User type Emails per day Mp3’s per week Video clips per week Online gaming per week Usage needed per month
Light user 30 20 15 3 hours Minimum 10GB
Regular user 60 30 15 15 hours 30GB – 50GB
Heavy user 100+ 60 60 30+ hours 100GB or Unlimited

How much can you download with these usage limits?

20 GB monthly usage allowance
  • You can download more than 5 movies of DVD quality.
  • Ideal for one or two users, regular web browsing, occasional movie downloads or online gaming
50 GB monthly usage allowance
  • You can download more than 10 movies of DVD quality.
  • Ideal for a small family, regular watching of standard videos & youtube, online gaming etc.
100 GB monthly usage allowance
  • You can download more than 20 movies of DVD quality.
  • Best for multiple users, regular watching of HD videos & TV channels, playing latest online games.
Unlimited usage
  • You can download as much as you like, but fair usage policy may apply.
  • Ideal for multiple users, regular watching of HD videos & TV channels, playing high bandwidth online games.

How our comparison site helps you pick the right deal and save money?

Here at BroadbandAnalyst.co.uk, you can find all the latest deals and money saving options to help you through buying a suitable deal on broadband or phone or TV or a bundle for your home or business.We provide details and information in a simple, comprehensive and impartial manner, so you can just find the right package that perfectly fits your needs.

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Broadband contract, switching and cancellation terms

Minimum contract
It is the minimum length of time you agree to use the broadband service and pay bills for it. It could be 12 months or 18 months depending on the provider

Speed estimate
Your new provider needs to furnish actual speeds you are likely to get at your premises in written document. Speed estimate has been made mandate by telecom watchdog Ofcom. This helps you cancel the service without penalty if the provider fails to deliver the promised speeds.

14 days cooling off period
You are allowed to cancel the service within first 14 days of purchase for your own specific reasons without any exit fee.

Installation & other initial costs
Free installation may not be available with every service. Fibre and TV services may have one-off installation cost.Free wireless routers and free TV boxes, only on minimum contract. However, delivery or posting charge usually applies.

Traffic management
It is provider’s right to apply its own traffic management rules which usually does not affect your broadband performance unless you use it for P2P file sharing during peak times.There has been a question over unlimited packages whether they offer unlimited usage. ‘Truly’ or ‘totally’ unlimited broadband is answer to this and offers unlimited usage without traffic shaping.

Cancellation Charges
Early termination fee will usually apply, when you cancel the service before the end of minimum contract. You will be asked to pay for the rest of the months & days left in the contract.If you cancel after the minimum contract, you will need to give 30 days or 14 days notice as required by your provider.

Migration Authorisation Code (MAC)
Earlier mandatory, MAC is not needed now when switching broadband providers. You need not get MAC from your current service provider. Just sign up with new ISP which will handle the whole process of switching. For more information, read our broadband switching guide