Shell Energy broadband is a low cost service provider of broadband and phone. It was previously operating under the brand name First Utility and has been a well-known player in energy market before it started broadband and phone services.

Shell Energy offers usual type of broadband plans – ADSL and fibre – that you get from Openreach based providers like TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky, however, at low price point.

Free setup and exclusive discounts for new customers can further save the costs.

Shell Energy Broadband Deals

Shell Energy broadband packages include standard ADSL broadband and superfast & ultrafast broadband.

All packages come with truly unlimited data usage, free connection and 18 month contract. Line rental is included in the monthly cost.

Only pay as you calls are included as standard. However you can add call plans – Anytime and International calls to your broadband packages.

Fast Broadband
Unlimited usage
Free WiFi router
Free setup
£17.99 /month
Superfast Fibre
Unlimited usage
Free WiFi router
Free setup
£19.99 /month
Superfast Fibre Plus
Unlimited usage
Free WiFi router
Free setup
Offer: £50 bill credit
£23.99 /month
Ultrafast Fibre
Unlimited usage
Free WiFi router
Free setup
£39.99 /month
Ultrafast Fibre Plus
Unlimited usage
Free WiFi router
Free setup
£44.99 /month

Shell Energy broadband speeds

PlanDownload speedUpload speed
Superfast Fibre35Mbps9Mbps
Superfast Fibre Plus63Mbps17Mbps
Ultrafast Fibre140Mbps25Mbps
Ultrafast Fibre Plus290Mbps45Mbps

Shell Energy broadband packages come with five different speeds so you can choose the right option that best suits your needs.

The average download speeds quite range from 11Mbps (ADSL plan) up to 290Mbps (ultrafast fibre plus),  offering you more than a few choices, when you look out for the right deal.

Like the most providers, Shell Energy offers two superfast plans – 35Mb or 63Mb download speeds that are ideal for streaming and connecting multiple devices in most households. The ADSL plan (Fast) which comes with 11Mbps average download speed is good for light usage like browsing.

In addition, Shell Energy provides two fibre plans with ultrafast speeds –  140Mbps and 290Mbps which are ideal for 4K streaming, online gaming and connecting more devices. 


Truly unlimited broadband with no traffic management

Shell Energy offers truly unlimited usage and speeds are not managed by the provider. Your speeds will not be slowed down at anytime, whether during peak or off-peak times.

Shell Energy Home Phone

Shell Energy broadband plans include landline service with pay as you go calls. For regular home phone users,

Shell Energy offers following call packages which would cost extra:

  • Evening and weekend calls – Unlimited UK landline & mobile calls during evenings and weekends.
  • Anytime calls – Anytime UK landline & mobile calls.
  • International calls –  Includes 600 minutes landline calls in 40 countries.  75% discount for mobile calls and 50% discount for calls to other destinations. 

Free WiFi router and no setup cost

Shell Energy broadband comes with free WiFi router and free installation. 

No price rises till the end of contract

You can be rest assured that there will not be any mid-contract price rises.

Rewards, discounts and savings

As a Shell Energy customer, you get special rewards, discounts in fuel prices as well as in broadband prices that help you save your money. 

Shell Energy WiFi Router

Technicolor TG588v2 WiFi router (left) and Technicolor DWA0120 WiFi router (right)

Shell Energy two types of wireless routers to its customers.

Fast broadband (ADSL) customers get Technicolor TG588v2 WiFi router which is a single band router without the faster and more efficient 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It lacks gigabit connections and USB port. Its reception power is also poor as it does not come with multiple antennae.  

However, Shell Energy’s fibre customers get the new Technicolor DWA0120 WiFi router which is dual band router with 802.11ac WiFi. It comes with 4 gigabit connections to connect multiple devices to fibre broadband. 

Is Shell Energy broadband any good?

The good

Shell Energy broadband packages are straight-forward, affordable, inexpensive and the ideal options to save your money. 

Shell Energy promises no mid-contract price rises during the initial minimum contract.

Broadband customers can benefit from Shell Go+ rewards that help save money on fuel.

Shell Energy offers ultrafast packages at competitive pricing, although, providers like Virgin Media and Hyperoptic offer better options to users who need ultrafast services.

The bad

Shell Energy does not offer extras like free public WiFi which you get with BT, Sky or Virgin Media. 

Bundling options are limited as Shell Energy does not offer TV  and Mobile services


Shell Energy is among the budget broadband providers which offer a range of packages at the lowest price.

With Shell Energy, you can expect to save more using exclusive discounts, if you are its Energy customer. 

You are better off with Virgin Media or Sky if you want to combine other services like digital TV to get more value for money. 

If you look out for budget deals, you can also compare Shell Energy’s plans with the low cost packages from Plusnet and TalkTalk which offer better equipment (router) and bundled services.