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Vodafone Broadband Review

Vodafone fibre

Vodafone is a top mobile operator in the UK. It’s equally popular for its home broadband with its no frills fibre packages and cheap pricing.

Despite the limited options that it comes with, Vodafone fibre broadband is best suited for households that look out for affordable, reliable, superfast broadband with great service.

Vodafone also offers minimum speed guarantee that allows you to claim a 15% discount, when you don’t get the minimum sync speed.


vodafone fibre broadband speeds

Superfast, fibre optic broadband 

Vodafone offers just fibre broadband with two different speeds – 35Mbps average download speed and 63Mbps average download speed.  . 

Superfast fibre speeds help households with multiple users to watch & stream videos in HD and 4K, upload information,  play games online and download  a lots of data in a few minutes. 

Vodafone fibre broadband also offers faster upload speeds (maximum 20Mbps) that can help users make quick uploads photos, files and data to save time.

Ultimate Broadband Guarantee

Superfast 1 Superfast 2
25Mbps Minimum 55Mbps Minimum

This guarantee helps you get minimum broadband speed or get 15% discount on your bill, until the issue is fixed. For example, Customers of Superfast 1 (35Mb advertised speed) are assured of a minimum sync speed of 25Mbps.

Minimum guaranteed speed is 55Mbps for Superfast 2 (63Mb advertised speed). You will need to use Vodafone broadband app to claim the discount

Vodafone Fibre Broadband Deals

Vodafone offers two fibre broadband packages which are bundled with home phone and line rental.

Superfast 1 comes with 35Mbps average download speed and 10Mbps average upload speed. Suitable for most homes with 3-5 users, for most internet uses – browsing, downloading, streaming and gaming.

Superfast 2 which comes with 63Mbps average download speed and 20Mbps average upload speed is ideal for the needs of busy households that spend more time in streaming,  gaming and sharing. Great for watching 4K videos, TV shows and for playing bandwidth-intensive games online.

VodafoneSuperfast 1

35 Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer: Free setup + 
£100 voucher 
(Ends 26th Aug)
Cost: £23 p/m
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VodafoneSuperfast 2

63 Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
PAYG calls
Offer: Free setup + 
£100 voucher 
(Ends 26th Aug)
Cost:  25 p/m
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WiFi Hub

Vodafone WiFi Hub

Vodafone offers dual band, wireless router which comes with the latest 802.11ac standard for faster speeds and good range.

Vodafone WiFi Hub can also be connected to mobile devices via app so you can change various settings like connect, disconnect and signal boost features.

WiFi Hub is included with all broadband deals for no extra cost.


Truly unlimited usage

With Vodafone, your internet usage is truly unlimited. This means your monthly data usage is not limited by any usage cap. No monthly download limits apply.

Likewise, no traffic management or traffic shaping applies to your plans. Your connection won’t become slow at peak times.

Pay As You Go Calls

As home phone is included, you get PAYG calls as standard. You can add call plans like evening & weekend, anytime and mobile calls, if you want to upgrade.

Internet security

New Vodafone home broadband customers get  F-Secure anti-virus for 6 months at no extra cost.

However, it would cost extra, when it is used for next 12 months. F-Secure comes with licence for up to 5 devices.

Parental controls which you can use to block specific websites, are included for no extra cost.

Affordable pricing

Vodafone offers the lowest priced fibre broadband, when compared to its competitors like Sky, BT and Virgin Media. 

Its promotional offers often include free activation to help you save more money. 

Our exclusive voucher offers also help you get the best value for your money

Exclusive discount for Vodafone mobile customers

Vodafone pay monthly mobile customers usually get £2 monthly discount, when they take home broadband from Vodafone. This means, Vodafone mobile customers can get exclusive savings of £24 a year on broadband costs.

Vodafone Broadband and TV

Vodafone broadband and TV

Vodafone triple-play packages come with Apple TV 4K,  Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 broadband plans. 

The bundles include unlimited anytime calls to landlines & mobiles and one year Apple TV+ superscription.   

Superfast 1 Extra

35Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
Anytime calls  
Apple TV 4K 

1 Yr Apple TV+
Offer: Free setup
Cost: £29.95 p/m
Superfast 2 Extra

63Mb average speed
Unlimited downloads
Anytime calls 
Apple TV 4K 
1 Yr Apple TV+

Offer:  Free setup 
Cost: £31.95 p/m 

Apple TV+ subscription allows you to stream & watch movies, exclusive Apple Originals and shows in 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound quality.  Each subscription can be extended up to six devices. 

You can add Amazon Prime Video or Now TV that would cost extra. You can stream shows from popular online players such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5

24 month contract length and no mid-contract price rises apply.  Visit Vodafone for more details.

Vodafone Gigafast Broadband

Vodafone Gigafast broadband offers ultra-fast speeds to homes that need multiple devices to be connected at the same time for streaming, download and fast gaming.


Symmetric speeds
Vodafone Gigafast Broadband SpeedsVodafone Gigafast broadband is full fibre type (fibre to the home) so it offers symmetric speeds meaning you get the same upload speed as the download speed. For example, Gigafast Broadband 500 comes with 500 Mbps average download and upload speeds

No upfront cost
Free WiFi Hub and and free setup included with the service. Line rental and PAYG calls included as standard.

Package Average
Download Calls Cost
Gigafast Broadband 100
Free setup
100Mbs Unlimited PAYG £28 /month
18 month contract
Gigafast Broadband 500
Free setup
500Mbps Unlimited PAYG £30/month
18 month contract
Gigafast Broadband 900
Free setup
900Mbps Unlimited PAYG £40/month
18 month contract
Gigafast Broadband 900 + 
Apple TV
Free setup 
One Year Apple TV+
900Mbps Unlimited Anytime £48 /month
24 month contract

Apple TV 4K 
You can add Apple TV which includes one year Apple TV+ subscription to 900Mbps plan. Anytime call plan is included for no extra cost and 24 month contract will apply. 

Limited availability
Currently, Vodafone Gigafast broadband is available in selected cities, You will need to check the availability for your postcode on the provider’s website

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Vodafone Broadband
Vodafone Fibre Broadband
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