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EE provides a wide range of broadband services, including traditional ADSL broadband, superfast and ultrafast broadband plans, offering a choice of speeds between 36 Mbps and 900 Mbps.

EE broadband

If you’re an existing EE mobile user and sign up for broadband, EE offers free mobile data boost, while new customers who leave their current provider early to join EE can apply for a £50 credit from EE.

Is EE broadband any good?

Here are the pros and cons of EE home broadband:


  • Prices are competitive
  • Offers superfast and ultrafast speeds
  • Highly rated for customer service and customer satisfaction


  • Ultrafast plans are expensive compared to budget providers
  • 24 month contract is a bit long

EE Broadband Deals

EE’s widely available broadband packages include a slower ADSL plan and two superfast plans. You can choose to include home phone or just buy broadband without landline. All EE broadband plans include unlimited downloads, a free WiFi router, and a 24-month contract.

EE mobile customers can get a 10% monthly discount and up to 20GB mobile data boost when when they sign up for a home broadband plan.

Unlimited FibreDownload 36Mb
Upload 9Mb
£26 / month

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Unlimited Fibre PlusDownload 67Mb
Upload 18Mb
£29 / month
Free setup

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Unlimited Fibre Max 100Download 100Mb
Upload 9Mb
£31 / month

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EE Unlimited 

Unlimited plan offers an average download speed of 10 Mbit/s and an average upload speed of 1 Mbit/s.

EE Unlimited is suitable for light use such as surfing the web, email and online shopping. This plan provides enough speed for a single device to stream videos from sites like YouTube.

EE Unlimited Fibre

EE Fibre offers an average download speed of 36Mbps (upload speed is 9MB) with unlimited usage. EE Fibre offers decent speeds, enough for HD streaming, downloading, and connecting some devices.

EE Unlimited Fibre Plus

This plan comes with an average download speed of 67 Mbps and upload speed of 18 Mbps. Fibre Plus is great for 4K streaming, gaming online, and connecting 3 – 5 devices.

EE Unlimited Fibre Max 100

This ultrafast plan offers an average download speed of 100 Mbps and an average upload speed of 28 Mbps.

EE Ultra-Fast Broadband plan is ideal for connecting more devices and bandwidth-intensive activities like online gaming and 4K streaming.

EE Smart Hub Router

EE’s ADSL customers get the Bright Box 2 router, a dual band router with the advanced 802.11ac Wi-Fi feature, while the fibre plans include the Smart Hub WiFi router, which has some advanced features compared to the Bright Box 2.

EE Smart Hub

The Smart Hub with 4 gigabit connections is powered by the latest technologies like Wave 2 and seven antennas for faster speeds, better performance and greater coverage.

You can get faster speeds in every room of your home with a Smart WiFi subscription that includes WiFi boosters.

EE Broadband Features

Truly unlimited

  • EE fibre broadband offers faster speeds and unlimited downloads and is ideal for multi-user homes.
  • No monthly download caps, no fair usage, and no traffic management.


According to Ofcom’s Broadband Speed Report 2021, EE offered its customers solid speeds. Its 36 Mbps service, EE Fibre, offered an average download speed of 34.5 Mbps, while Fibre Plus (67 Mbps) delivered an average download speed of 64.5 Mbps.

Top-notch Customer Service

EE Home Broadband topped the customer satisfaction survey published by Ofcom in January 2020. 87% of customers were satisfied with broadband service, with the fewest complaints in the third quarter of 2019.

Free Mobile data

By bundling broadband with mobile plan, EE mobile customers can get 5GB of mobile data per month.

Internet Security

All EE broadband plans include one year of free Norton Internet Security.

EE Home Phone

All basic plans (standard and fibre) include standard line rental and PAYG calls. You can also get the following call plans to upgrade:

  • Anytime landline UK calls
  • Anytime UK calls + calls to Mobiles
  • Anytime UK calls + Mobiles + International calls: In addition to landline calls, you get 1500 minutes of mobile talk time and access to landlines in 50 countries at any time

Cancelling EE broadband Early Termination Fees

If you’re considering canceling your EE broadband service while still under contract, be prepared for early termination fees. These fees are based on your monthly charges and the remaining months in your contract. For more details, contact EE directly. To avoid hefty exit fees, consider canceling your service after the contract ends.

Before canceling, choose a new provider or plan that best suits your needs. If you switch to a provider that uses the Openreach network, the switch is easy. Simply sign up with the new provider, who will then complete the switching process. On the other hand, if you’re moving to a different provider like Virgin Media, Hyperoptic, Community Fibre, or Three Home Broadband, you’ll need to cancel your existing service yourself. To ensure minimal downtime during this transition, plan your move carefully.

You may have issues such as technical problems or post-contract pricing concerns. By discussing these matters with EE, they might offer solutions that could make staying with them a more attractive option.

Sky broadband or EE broadband

Both Sky and EE are reliable broadband providers with excellent customer service. Sky Broadband has faster download speeds on entry-level and mid-range fibre plans, but EE Broadband has better upload speeds.

Based on speed tests, Sky broadband generally provides a better connection for gaming and streaming, which is why it outperforms EE Broadband. Plus, Sky Hub is more advanced and easier to set up.

Another reason Sky is better is that it offers comprehensive TV packages in bundles. The TV package includes all popular channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

Finally, Sky offers slightly better customer service than EE. Considering all of these things in their favour, it’s easy to see why Sky is a better choice than EE.

However, there are some downsides to using Sky broadband over EE. The first downside is that EE is cheaper than Sky broadband. Additionally, EE offers a wider range of download speeds than Sky. EE’s WiFi Guarantee is great. Therefore, it is not always necessary to use Sky Broadband when it is more expensive than other available options.


EE also offers its own TV service based on the Apple TV app. Exclusive to EE Broadband subscribers, EE TV allows you to watch over 70 Freeview channels (11 HD), video on demand and catch-up TV.


With a Now TV subscription, you can also watch premium TV channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Atlantic. You can also add other subscriptions like Netflix, Now TV, and Amazon Prime Video to watch more channels.

The EE TV Box can record up to 8 channels and 300 hours of HD content.

EE Mobile

EE provides ultra-fast 4G mobile service to over 95% of UK households. EE 5G service is now available in several UK cities.

  • EE’s LTE-based 4GEE comes with reliable, ultra-fast mobile broadband (up to 40Mbps) to keep you connected anytime, anywhere.
  • 4G Plus (4G+) is the new upgrade offered by EE’s 4G network, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 90Mbps!
  • At these speeds, you can download 1 hour of HD video in just 4 minutes.
  • EE offers a range of mobile plans such as PAYG, SIM only, and monthly plans that include the latest handsets.

About EE

While EE’s ultrafast plans (145Mbps+) are only available in selected cities, its superfast services such as Fibre and Fibre Plus are available to over 95% of UK households.

EE is currently the largest 4G mobile operator in the UK. It was formerly Orange UK home broadband and became EE Broadband after being acquired by BT in 2016.