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Now Broadband, like its parent company Sky, is one of the UK’s leading broadband providers, offering affordable broadband plans that give customers great value for money, with a choice of 1-month or 12-month contracts. To sweeten the deal even further, it’s also offering discounted TV packages and free anytime calls – making it even better value.

Our review provides all the essential information about their product, service, speed and customer experience in one place. Read on to learn more about this provider before making your decision.

Now broadband and TV

Now Broadband Plans

Now Broadband offers three main plans – Brilliant (11Mbps), Fab Fibre (36Mbps) and Super Fibre (63 Mbps).

Package Speed Monthly Cost
12 month contract
Avg. download 11Mbps
Avg. upload 1Mbps
Fab Fibre
12 month contract
Avg. download 36Mbps
Avg. upload 9Mbps
Super Fibre
12 month contract
Avg. download 63Mbps
Avg. upload 18Mbps

  • Brilliant is ADSL broadband, which offers the slowest download and upload speeds of the three.
  • Fab Fibre is an entry-level fibre plan with decent speeds, good enough for HD streaming and fast downloads, but speeds can drop when too many devices are connected.
  • Super Fibre is the sweet spot for speed, averaging 63Mbps and letting you stream 4K content on multiple devices simultaneously.

All the plans include free router, £5 router delivery fee and 12 month contract. There are also flexible one-month contracts with an upfront fee and 30 days notice period. This allows customers to use the services without committing to long term.

Now Broadband and TV Packages

Now TV Membership

With Now Broadband you get a range of TV add-ons called TV Memberships, with the option of a rolling one-month contract, meaning you can easily cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied or want to change your monthly package .

TV memberships include Sky Sports and Movies, Kids and Entertainment channels. With an additional Boost subscription, you can watch TV channels on 3 devices at the same time.

Package Speed Monthly Cost
Brilliant + Entertainment / Cinema / Sports
12 month contract
11Mbps broadband
Anytime Calls
14 TV channels

£22 – £43
Fab + Entertainment / Cinema / Sports
12 month contract
36Mbps broadband
Anytime Calls
14 TV channels
£25 – £46
Super Fibre + Entertainment / Cinema / Sports
12 month contract
63Mbps broadband
Anytime Calls
14 TV channels
£25 – £46

Entertainment Membership

This membership includes channels such as Sky Max, Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Sky Documentaries, Sky History, Sky Nature, Gold, Sky Crime, Comedy Central, Sky Arts, MTV, Sky Sci-Fi, Alibi and NBC News NOW.

Cinema Membership

NOW Cinema Membership includes all the Sky Cinema channels such as Sky Cinema Select, Sci Fi & Horror, Premiere, Hits, Action, Thriller, Greats, Family, Drama, Comedy and Animation. Plus, you can watch 1000+ on-demand movies.

Sports Membership

You can watch 11 Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Racing and Sky Sports News. 

You can choose the daily or monthly membership that suits you best. There is also a mobile membership, which costs less and is only available to Now customers.

To watch channels in full HD, you’ll need to upgrade to NOW Boost for an additional £6 per month.

Now Broadband Speeds

Now Broadband is a straight-forward, no-frills internet provider with speeds up to 63 Mbps. It offers basic fibre broadband speeds of 36Mbps and 66Mbps, which is more than enough for most homes in the UK. With these speeds, you can surf the web, enjoy faster downloads and a smoother HD streaming experience. In addition, there’s also an ADSL plan that offers an average speed of 11Mbps, and casual internet users can choose it to stay connected or browse.

Now doesn’t offer the ultrafast speeds (100Mbps+) you may need to stream UHD video or play multiplayer games on multiple devices simultaneously. So keep that in mind when considering Now Broadband as an option.

However, the speeds are solid, and since Now Broadband has no usage or speed caps, it’s a great option if you’re looking for an affordable provider that won’t throttle your speeds during peak times.

Now TV Features

With Now Broadband, you also have access to the latest Now TV packages or Memberships. You can add TV memberships such as Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment, Kids and HD channels – giving you access to all your favorite HD shows and movies across devices.

Now TV is a subscription-based streaming service that lets you watch the latest shows, movies and sports anytime, anywhere, on compatible devices. You can access the best TV streaming services without worrying about cables, set-top boxes, dishes, and antennas.

Plus, the Now TV app even allows you to watch content on 64 different devices like PC, Laptop, Smart TV, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and more. You can stream content from your account on up to 6 devices. With Now Boost, you can watch on 3 devices at the same time.

Is Now broadband any good? What you need to know

Is Now broadband the right choice for you? Check out the pros and cons below:


One of the best things about Now Broadband is that there are no contracts involved. You can cancel the service with 30 days notice period.

Now, broadband and TV is an attractive option for those looking for a budget package with decent speeds and some premium TV content. Overall, these packages are less expensive than many other providers because there are no installation or setup fees.

Now broadband plans include free anytime calls, which is great for home phone users.


One of the areas where Now Broadband fails to stand out is their offering of ultrafast broadband speeds. Now broadband speeds start at 35Mbps and top out at 63Mbps, which means it may not be suitable for those who use many devices for high-bandwidth applications like 4K streaming or want to connect for online gaming.

And Now TV doesn’t include a set-top box and Freeview channels, so those who want to watch those channels will have to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that Now broadband may not be the best option for you if you want ultrafast speeds and certain TV features like a set-top box with recording capabilities.

Also, there are no free extras, such as free public Wi-Fi or vouchers and gifts when you sign up. For some customers looking for great deals and all the extras, this might be a little disappointing.


Now offers broadband and TV packages that are much cheaper than most providers. You can join Now TV without a credit check and watch your favorite Sky TV channels without expensive Sky subscriptions.

All Now packages come with a 1-month contract for short-term use.

Plus, the lack of extra features means monthly and annual cost remain low. So it’s a good choice for customers who just want basic broadband and good TV service without any extra features or services.