Hyperoptic is a city-based full fibre broadband provider which offers gigabit speeds to homes and businesses in more than forty cities and towns across the UK, using its own FTTP (fibre to the premises) network which covers 500K UK homes.

In addition to gigabit speeds (1Gbps), Hyperotpic broadband is also charaterised by the symmetrical  speeds which means users can get the same upload speeds as the download speeds. For example, Hyperoptic Superfast plan offers an average download speed of 150Mbps and an average upload speed of 150Mbps. 

Hyperoptic broadband packages come with competitive pricing, when compared to the ultrafast broadband plans offerd by Virgin Media and BT. 

Other services that Hyperoptic offers include business broadband and business leased line. 

Lightning speeds, reliable connectivity,
gigabit broadband
Available mainly in big cities and towns
Competitive pricing.
No mid-contract price rises.
Limited bundling options when compared to
Virgin Media which offers TV and mobile bundles
with broadband
Excellent range of packages and flexible

Hyperoptic Broadband Deals

PackageAverage Speeds
(Download / upload)
Fast50Mbps /
No phone service
Free setup
Superfast150Mbps /
No phone service
Free setup
Ultrafast500Mbps /
No phone service.
Free setup
Hyperfast900Mbps /
No phone service.
Free setup
Note: When you choose broadband and phone, you will need to pay more.


  • Hyperoptic offers both broadband only and broadband & phone packages. Hyperoptic phone service works using the internet connection so the usual phone socket is not needed. If you do not need home phone, you can choose from broadband only plans which are cheaper than phone & broadband bundles.
  • Hyperoptic broadband packages come with unlimited usage, free hyperhub router and 24/7 UK based customer support.
  • You can choose from different speeds available from the provider with 24 month, 12 month or 1 month rolling contract option. Free activation applies to selected packages when taken with 24 months or 12 months contract.
  • Monthly rolling contracts will include one-off setup fee of £29.99

Hyperoptic Broadband Speeds

Hyperoptic offers pure fibre broadband which comes with symmetrical download and upload speeds. This means you get the same speeds in both directions – downstream and upstream. However, the lowest priced Fast plan (50Mbps) offers an average upload speed of just 5Mbps.

Hyperfast (average speed: 900Mbps)

With this ultra fast connection speeds, you can download or upload a video of 1GB size in less than 10 seconds.

Great for gaming online, streaming HD videos and large downloads.

Ultrafast (average speed: 500Mbps)

You can download or upload 1GB video in less than a minute at 500Mb speeds. 

Ideal for HD & 4K videos, online games and faster downloads.

Superfast(average speed: 150Mbps)

You can download or upload 1GB video in less than 2 minutes at 150Mb speeds.

Suitable for HD videos, online games and faster downloads.

Fast (average speed: 50Mbps)

It is not superfast, but is still fast enough to download or upload a video of 1GB in less than 4 minutes.

Ideal for browsing, watching videos and other general internet stuff.

By comparison, FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) based broadband services (BT, TalkTalk and Sky) and Virgin Media cable broadband come with much slower upload speeds in relation to the download speeds. 

PackageAverage Speeds
(Download / upload)
150Mbps /
Fibre 150
145Mbps /
Virgin Media
108Mbps /
Sky Ultrafast145Mbps /
BT Full fibre 100150Mbps /
500Mbps /
Sky Ultrafast Plus500Mbps /
Virgin Media
516Mbps /
BT Full fibre 500500Mbps /
900Mbps /
Virgin Media
1130Mbps /

Hyperhub Router

Hyperoptic offers two routers – the business grade Nokia Hyperhub and ZTE Hyperhub. Both routers come with dual bands and gigabit connections optimsed for full fibre network.

The new Nokia Hyperhub comes with more antennas and automatic band steering feature?which helps the connected devices get reliable and faster speeds.

The channel optimisation feature automatically fixes the issue of wifi interference. 

Hyperdual is a dual band WiFi router with 4 Gigabit connections. It comes with automatic band steering?which helps the connected devices get reliable and faster speeds. The channel optimisation feature automatically fixes the issue of wifi interference. 

Hyperhub features VoIP support so you can make calls using the internet connection.

Is Hyperoptic available in my area?

Hyperoptic broadband coverage map

Hyperoptic broadband is available in selected areas, even in big cities. It is currently available in 43 cities in the UK including London, Glasgow, New Castle, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Reading and Bristol. 

You can use our broadband postcode checker to find out whether you can get Hyperoptic broadband in your area.

Before installing its network, Hyperoptic first checks whether the area it is about to connect, has enough demand and is viable for its investments.

Once enough people in a locality register their interest online, Hyperoptic starts to connect each building to its network with fibre cabling.

Is Hyperoptic broadband any good?

When compared to the ultrafast broadband services offered by BT and Virgin Media, Hyperoptic broadband comes with faster packages and cheaper prices. Hyperoptic broadband often comes with promocode to get discounted deals which are much cheaper than its competitors.

Hyperoptic broadband is ideal for bandwidth intensive activities that require faster upload speeds which Openreach based providers and Virgin Media do not offer as their technology uses copper cable or co-axial cable to connect homes with cabinets while Hyperoptic offers pure fibre solution to homes to get symmetric speeds.

That said, Hyperoptic broadband plans in the faster tiers are great for quicker uploads of large size files and online gaming. 

However, Hyperoptic broadband is not widely available like BT or Virgin Media. Its FTTP network is mainly available to office blocks and large residential buildings in major cities and towns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hyperoptic broadband full fibre?

Hyperoptic network is 100% fibre and it is built with optical fibre right from the exchange up to your premise.

This type of pure fibre broadband to the home or premises (FTTH or FTTP) ensures speeds do not drop over the distance.

You can expect to get connection speeds very much closer to the advertised speeds. 

Does Hyperoptic use Openreach network?

Hyperoptic uses its own network to reach 500k premises across the UK. Its FTTP network does not use copper cable and street cabinets like Openreach. The fibre cable is directly taken from exchange to the premises to ensure faster speeds than Openreach based FTTC broadband.

How to setup Hyperoptic broadband?

Hyperoptic broadband setup requires engineer assisted installation in your home.  Fibre optic cable will reach your home and get connected to the Hyperoptic socket or internal fibre converter on the wall and then to the Hyperhub router. The initial router setup will be done by the engineer. 

Can I get Hyperoptic broadband without phone line?

Hyperoptic offers phone service without using the traditional landline network. Its VoIP service uses broadband connection  to make calls. However, this feature is not enabled when you choose a broadband only plan.

What are the contracts available with Hyperoptic?

All deals allow you to choose from 24 month,12 month and 1 month rolling contracts.